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Found 5 results

  1. Son1Q

    Angular 8 CEF

    I downloaded npm package 'ragemp-c', but when i try call functions from 'mp' object i received error 'ERROR ReferenceError: mp is not defined'. import { Component } from '@angular/core'; declare var mp: any; @Component({ selector: 'app-counter-component', templateUrl: './counter.component.html' }) export class CounterComponent { public currentCount = 0; public incrementCounter() { this.currentCount++; console.log(mp); mp.trigger('test'); } } What could be the problem?
  2. Son1Q

    ExecuteJs TS

    How i can call typescript function in selected component from client-side? ExecuteJs not found functions, because angular uses scopes.
  3. Привет всем. Есть ли здесь те, кто пишет фронт на angular? Есть вопрос по пробросу событий из CEF (angular) в клиент (Rage). Юзаю zone, но обработчики хранятся глобально, что не есть хорошо. Реализовывал кто-нибудь что-либо похожее?
  4. UPDATE 1.0.4 Removed object type from Client call interface Removed arguments limit from Client call arguments. Added Client library. UPDATE 1.0.3 Added better documentation in source Added a middleman library for index.html Added a way to call an event from Angular to Client Added syncronization for that call and posibility to response back. Documentation on Github
  5. Hello, I'm working on the UI side of my server. I use Angular 5 and Bootstrap. I'm able to display my Angular application in the game when I display the index.html in the CEF browser:"Login_Show", () => { loginCef ="package://myComponent/dist/index.html"); }); My problem comes from the routing. When I want to display another page (e.g. login), I should use the Angular routing:"Login_Show", () => { loginCef ="package://myComponent/dist/login"); }); When I use that, I have a 404 because the RageMP http server try to find the folder/index.html (e.g. /login/index.html). So I tried with a .htaccess (according the Angular documentation) to rewrite the index.html rule, but it doesn't work... My question is: How can I manage the routing to be able to display the login page of my Angular application ? Thanks for your help :). C0b0ll