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Found 12 results

  1. Version 18w48a


    NativeUI for RageMP! This can only be used Clientside! Documentation: Click Github: Click
  2. Can someone explain how I can import a resource (NativeUI) to client. My current setup: I have been writing my gamemode using a typescript boiler plate (https://github.com/MarkCavalli/rage-server-start-template) So files in app folder client get compliled to client_packages and same for server into packages However when I try to require a third party script (NativeUI) I get an error TypeError Point is not a constructor I'm importing it into the client via: const NativeUi = require('../libs/nativeui.js') mp.events.add("PlayerJoin", () => { const Menu = NativeUI.Menu; const Point = NativeUI.Point; const UIMenuListItem = NativeUI.UIMenuListItem; const ItemsCollection = NativeUI.ItemsCollection; const ui = new Menu("Test UI", "Test UI Subtitle", new Point(50, 50)); ui.AddItem(new UIMenuListItem( "List Item", "Fugiat pariatur consectetur ex duis magna nostrud et dolor laboris est do pariatur amet sint.", new ItemsCollection(["Item 1", "Item 2", "Item 3"]) )); }) Can anyone help me? I'm completely stuck for ideas on how I can get this to work.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Improvements over the previous nativeui: Added `UIMenuDynamicListItem`. Descriptions are no longer cut off at 99 characters, but now support 99 * 3. `UIMenuListItem` and `UIMenuSliderItem` can now store extra data. Improved description line wrapping. Description caption is now only updated when necessary. Description background is now only updated (recalculated) when necessary. Bettered the position of the left arrow for list items. Added new badges (Sale, Arrows and Voice Icons). Added `Menu.RemoveItem(item: UIMenuItem)`. When binding an item to a menu, automatically add that item if it isn't in the menu items list already. Added `MenuOpen` event when `menu.Visible` is changed. When hovering over the currently selected ListItem's title text, the cursor will be MiddleFinger, just like in the original menus. `GoLeft` and `GoRight` now correctly handles disabled items. Added experimental automated menu pool system (It's a bit effy right now). MENUS ARE NO LONGER SHOWN BY DEFAULT. Added `closeChildren: boolean = false` parameter to `menu.Close()`. An optional parameter specifiing whether or not you want to close all children with the menu. NOTE BRIEFLY: The description and optimization updates for me saved over 20-30 FPS while a menu is open. You might want to be careful with menu pools right now. I haven't went deep into it but for simple menu pools it works GREAT. `MenuClose` event is NOT emitted when Visible is set to false. This is to allow users to reopen menus at it's same state, for e.g searching through a store. The GitHub will not match the file here. So please download the file from GitHub (dist/index.ts) or compile it yourself. https://github.com/karscopsandrobbers/RAGEMP-NativeUI
  4. Hey all, I am trying to use the nativeui library to save some time in progress but I got following issue: The index file of the nativeui package is a typescript file and the import/require directive tries to find a index javascript file. So I would like to know how to correctly require the nativeui library. - Is there anything that needs to be changed serverside in order to allow typescript file loading? - How do I require typescript files? Is that even supported inside the RageMP Server? Cheers.
  5. Hallöchen, wie kann ich NativeUI bei Visual Studio hinzufügen sowie auch im Server? Danke im vorraus. Grüße, codeqod | Tobi
  6. Hallo, ich bin gerade dabei einen GTA server zu machen habe schon vieles fertig wollte mich aber mal ran machen menüs zu erstellen. Da ich NativeUI eine ganz nette sache finde, habe ich es in erwegung gezogen dies zu verwenden. Habe es hinbekommen listItems, slider zu machen aber ich kriege es nicht hin ein CheckboxItem zu machen also ich kriege es schon hin das das im menu angezeigt wird aber wenn ich darauf klicke passiert nichts weil ich nicht weis wie ich das checkbox item mit code Versehe. ps. Ich nutze Javascript
  7. Hey everyone, I´m completely new to all that server and Scripting stuff. Yesterday I tried to create an interaction menu with that NativeUI . When I finally managed to load that NativeUI stuff into my Server files and I tried to start the server, it said: Error: Error: Cannot find module 'nativeui' I´m sittng here for about 20 hours, but I really don´t know, what I´m doing wrong! I don´t even know how to learn that stuff, because I did´t find anything on the internet. Maybe anyone can help me 😞
  8. Hello, I wanted to ask how to add NativeUI. I used C # as a programming language. So as I add it in the server and in Visual Studio. Thanks in advance! Greetings, Tobi
  9. Hello, I am searching for an finished "dlc" where i can use NativeUI to teleport that char wich chooses for example Grove Street. Does sombody know if there is alerady something like that wich i can add easy to my Projekt. If not could maybe someone give me an example how the call would look like wich i need to send so that that player is going to his position he wishes would be great because my Programming abilityes are at the very very start of reding the code understanding it but not beeing able to write it. Thanks in advance for reading and replies
  10. Would anyone be able to help me with integrating NativeUI menu. I have tried but I just get an error. My setup is setup using typescript. I seem to get an error saying the following `TypeError: Point is not a constructor` import NativeUI from '../../libs/nativeui/index' const Menu = NativeUI.Menu; const UIMenuItem = NativeUI.UIMenuItem; const UIMenuListItem = NativeUI.UIMenuListItem; const UIMenuCheckboxItem = NativeUI.UIMenuCheckboxItem; const UIMenuSliderItem = NativeUI.UIMenuSliderItem; const BadgeStyle = NativeUI.BadgeStyle; const Point = NativeUI.Point; const ItemsCollection = NativeUI.ItemsCollection; const Color = NativeUI.Color; const ListItem = NativeUI.ListItem; mp.events.add({ 'player-creator': () => { init() } }) function init() { const ui = new Menu("Test UI", "Test UI Subtitle", new Point(50, 50)); ui.AddItem(new UIMenuListItem( "List Item", "Fugiat pariatur consectetur ex duis magna nostrud et dolor laboris est do pariatur amet sint.", new ItemsCollection(["Item 1", "Item 2", "Item 3"]) )); mp.keys.bind(0x71, false, () => { if (ui.Visible) ui.Close(); else ui.Open(); }); }
  11. Hi i download this: but dont work, i put nativeui on client_packages, when i write /creator it teleport me but nothing show up. I have also treid to put it into the folder of charcreator, but nothing and this: Same thing, dont work, when i go to shop and go into the blip and write /buyclothes nothing show up. Video: https://streamable.com/0phwf Please help me.
  12. Hey im new with RageMP i was developping on FiveM before and i make an admin menu and so.. i have a question There is a way with NativeUI to do something like if UIMenuItem is Pressed then execute Function if yes how can i do because every ways i saw with nativeui was only in Boolean.....
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