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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am searching for an finished "dlc" where i can use NativeUI to teleport that char wich chooses for example Grove Street. Does sombody know if there is alerady something like that wich i can add easy to my Projekt. If not could maybe someone give me an example how the call would look like wich i need to send so that that player is going to his position he wishes would be great because my Programming abilityes are at the very very start of reding the code understanding it but not beeing able to write it. Thanks in advance for reading and replies
  2. Version 1.0.0


    n0minal's Interior Browser Hello Dear Ragers, Today I bring you guys a simple - but useful - browser for interiors to preview. I spent something like ~2 hours to make it, so it might contain bugs, if you find a bug please post it in here or contact me by PM and I'll fix it as soon as possible. Commands ⌨️ There are two commands (and binds for it): /interior (or shortened: /i): Loads the Interior Browser menu, in which you can interact and select an interior to preview. /leave (or shortened: /l): Leaves the current interior and gets teleported back to your first position when you called the browser for the first time. The Script 📰 Download the .zip file and extract it inside your client-packages folder, after that, create (or edit) a index.js file in your client_packages root folder with the following content: //requires interior-browser package require("interior-browser"); and you're ready to go! Github Link: That's all, See you on the next release!
  3. Make a mark on the map and press ARROWUP or DPAD - UP in PS4/XBOX. you will be teleported to your marking.