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  1. We are a 3 Turkish friends working from Turkey. Between 2018-2022, we owned a project that made its name well-known on the SA:MP platform. In 2022, due to the toxic environment on the SA:MP Turkey platform and the death of the SA:MP client, we decided to try our luck on GTA V. In December 2022, we started to develop mod for GTA V and RAGE platform, we were not satisfied with this mod and changed it many times. About 5 months ago, our developer teammate left our team due to his personal life intensity. Instead of canceling the project, we decided to edit an out-of-box mod. Even if the translation and editing is 95% completed, our basic knowledge is not enough to change many systems in the mod. So, we are looking for a developer who can work with us full-time. This is a long-term work. Here are the requirements: Worked on RAGE client before, knows and understands server-side / client-side terms. Knows C# for server-side work. Knows HTML, CSS, JS, Svelte for client-side work. Here are some of our expectetions: Knows, accepts and suits for team-work. Able to meet deadlines. Past experience in SA:MP or GTA V scripting is a plus. Should only deal with development work, not with other issues such as server management, team management etc. If you're looking to be part of a professional and huge community as a developer, and you believe you meet your requirements and expectations, please add me on discord: greathemera
  2. Witam wszystkich, Poszukujemy developera/developerów do naszego projektu. Najlepiej, aby były to osoby, które są w stanie poświęcić więcej czasu na projekt i chcą sumiennie go wspierać. Czego wymagamy? doświadczenia w CSS sumienności w wykonywanej pracy komunikatywności pozytywnego nastawienia Co zaoferujemy? wynagrodzenie za wykonanie zadania stanowisko developera możliwość ciągłego rozwoju
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, this is the winter event script I was planning to release this winter. As it currently stands i'll be a bit bussy this winter, won't have time for free open source projects like this one. I've wanted to create a more complex one, with lots of micro-events inside but time won't allow it so this is useable, you just need to get 10 coordinates of your choice for this fully work for your server. GET A DEVELOPER ! This script is !NOT! plug-and-play since it requires AT LEAST adding 7 more coordinates. I promise next winter for a better event, but for now, i'm struggling with my GF birthday also LOL 🥰🤪 Get in contact with me: Discord: kraneq I'll respond to question
  4. We are on the lookout for talented .NET/C# Developers that consider software development to be a craft and who can help us build something great. The ideal candidate possesses a passion for tackling complex problems at scale. This is a part-time position ... 🛠️ WHAT WE WANT TO DO We want to create a dedicated server for the RageMP Community players. We want to create a role play server with REAL unique ideas. We want to improve existing features as well as architect new solutions. We want to create innovative in-game experiences, including user-generated content. 📖 RESPONSIBILITIES Develop distributed online game services and APIs in .NET/C# Create and support online enabled in-game features that enhance the gameplay experience. Participate in system design and peer code reviews. Collaboration with other Rockstar technology teams across our worldwide studios. 🎌 QUALIFICATIONS Minimum 2+ years of experience developing. Possess versatility and willingness to regularly tackle new challenges. Passion for web technologies and a desire to remain up to date with the latest technologies. Knowledge of code architecture fundamentals. ➕ PLUSES Please note that these are desirable skills and are not required to apply for the position. - Very good english speaking; - Rational, mature (grown-up); - Team work; __________________________________________ Please apply here/private message with some info, how you meet the skills above. If we would like to move forward with your application we will respond directly to you on this thread or on a private message to establish future meetings. If you’ve got the right skills for the job, we want to hear from you. We encourage applications from all suitable candidates regardless of age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, belief, or race.
  5. Hallo, ich bin Chloe. ich möchte schon länger einen eigenen Roleplay Server. nun habe ich ein bisschen Erfahrungen gesammel und auch ein paar Resourcen, Geld usw Ich suche ernsthafte Developer die mir meinen Traum von einem Roleplay Server ermöglichen können. Ich möchte den ganzen Server von 0 starten, es soll ein modernes Design werden und allgemein sehr durchgeplant. Viele Aspekte von anderen Server werden wahrscheinlich zu erkennen sein aber ich möchte die Dinge auch auf meine Weise, wenn Sie auch anders sein könnte. Wenn du oder Ihr interesse hast/habt schreib/t mir auf Discord(x.princess) oder antwortet mir gerne hier. LG Chloe
  6. I need a Developer for creating a new server
  7. Dm Me in discord my name is polly.c
  8. Hello, We are looking for a RageMP Developer for a new project. We have scripts already, need to make some modifications to the current scripts. Server will be Hosted in the US. We are looking for someone meeting the following requirements: Previous RageMP client experience. Understanding of development terms. C#, CSS, JS, HTML, SQL and PHP experience. Good and open communication with Team, as the will be a crucial part to this project. The Dev we are looking for will work primarily on the development of the server. If they are interested in assisting with running the community that will also be a possibility. If you are interested in being part of this project please reach out to me on discord: el_crim
  9. Hallo RAGEMP Community Wir sind dabei ein RAGEMP Projekt aufzubauen und suchen genau dich! Was erwartet dich bei uns wir sind am anfang wollen bei 0 anfangen und mit euch gemeinsam ein Reallife Projekt aufbauen bei uns als Developer kannst du deine Ideen genauso wie an Fetures mit einbeziehn an ende entscheiden wir alles gemeinsam aber was wollen wir genau ? Der name des Projektes ist City-Reallife und wie der name schon sagt ein Realife Projekt Die Jobs die wir anbieten wollen sind: - LKW(Trucker) - TAXI - Miner - Polizist - Sanitäter - FBI Weiters kann frolgen sind ja am anfang den und die liste wird immer erweitert mit updates ein paar Features bei uns sind akktuell Features bei. Uns: - Kredit bei der Bank - Keine Whitelist - Führerschein (Auto, LKW, Motorrad, Person Beförderung, Pilotenschein) und die fraktionen die geplant sind Fraktionen: - Gangs - Squad - Polizei - Sanitäter - FBI - Feuerwehr ist ja schon ne menge die wir geplant haben ohne team/developer aber nicht um setzbar an ende soll es alles mit euch zusammen passieren und beziehen euch komplett in die ideen planung mit ein und entscheiden alles gemainsam wir freuen uns auf deine naricht schreib uns gerne auf discord an bei fragen zum Projekt oder falls was sein sollte DISCORD: HeXGaming#6050
  10. Salut baieti, sper ca va atras titlu aici. Am experienta in full stack de peste 2 ani la companii romanesti, am lucrat si remote, in prezent lucrez la propria firma si se intampla sa imi placa foarte mult domeniu de fivem si rage, desi mie personal mi se pare o bataie mult prea mare de cap cu manageriatul la un asemenea proiect, sunt aici sa-ti ofer sprijin, consultanta si development. Deja de cateva saptamani lucrez la ragemp si ma joc cu APIul, integrarea la react cu typescript si chestiile mai avansate, si am spus de ce nu sa creeaz aceasta postare poate cineva are nevoie de asemenea ajutor. Aici este canalul meu de youtube pe care il foloseam sa postez resurse create pentru fivem LINK YOUTUBE Dupa cum se vede dupa numarul de vizualizari si calitatea videoclipurile stiu ce inseamna aia sa lucrezi in acest domeniu, nu lasa experienta mea limitata in rage sa te pacaleasca Astept mesajele voastre aici sau pe discord: krane#2890 sa ne auzim sa vedem ce si cum Asteptarile mele sunt: sa te ajut full remote si sa fiu platit pe ceea ce lucrez. Dar daca te simti mai linistit sa ma platesti pe ora sau saptamanal se poate si asa. Putem realiza un contract de colaborare pentru asa ceva, il voi face eu daca tu nu ai firma. Succes la baietii jmecheri
  11. I'm interested in hiring next to 6 people in development team for making a ragemp project, We have good amount of budget in hiring in any developer. Feel free to DM me if you are interested in joining and developing together!
  12. Hello, Currently I am looking for any kind of help in constructing a Cops and Robbers server (CnR) I have in mind something similar to a popular CnR server in SA-MP. Progress: Registration and login system * Dynamic robberies system (In Progress) * 3 Functional jobs (Con artist, Car jacker, Mechanic) * Tiny admin system * Discord server below: https://discord.gg/bzSR6jsE
  13. As the title says, i am looking for a programmer or several, interested in forming a roleplaying server on the plataform. The main idea is basic, get to the top of the roleplay in RAGE:MP. The main benefit for the English programmer who wants to contribute their knowledge would be basically monetary, obtaining a percentage of the server's profits and in any case another benefit within the game. If you are interested in being part of the project and knowing more guidelines, conditions and benefits (monetary or not) i await your message by private message or by discord (LukTienneHD#5621)
  14. Hello fellow developers tbh i actually want to make a RageMP server from scratch. I am ready to dedicate my full time just i need a teacher or a helper. I have a good knowledge of c#, c, c++, HTML, CSS, JS and still learning. Anyone who wants to help me pls DM me in Discord Kakashii#9979. I will be thankful to u. I have been going through all the things but all the things are getting messed up. Kind Regards, Binit
  15. Erstmal Hallo, Mein Plan bzw. mein Ziel ist/war es (fast) immer ein eigenes RageMP Projekt zu gründen. Damals haben für die mehr oder minder "Spaßprojekte" auch sogenannte "Leak-Scripts" gereicht aber von diesem "Klauen" oder billigem "Kopieren" will ich mich nun entfernen. Dazu suche ich Personen, die zuverlässig sind und bereit sind in einem solchen Projekt mitzuwirken. Was ihr für Kenntnisse haben solltet: - C# - JS - HTML / CSS - C + + - Und alles sonstige was man benötigt, um einen RageMP Server von Grund auf zu erstellen, Designen etc.. Ziel ist ein schöner Server auf einem einzigartigem Script, mit Functions die manch andere nicht haben, eigene UI´s etc.. Also wenn ihr Interesse habt an einem solchen Projekt mitzuwirken würde ich euch gerne Kennenlernen. Dazu könnt ihr mich gerne auf Discord Kontaktieren unter dem Namen: Jake123#4350. Dort klären wir dann alles weitere (Bezahlung, Vorstellungen...) Ich hoffe auf einige hilfsbereite und motivierte Menschen um mein Ziel zu erfüllen. MFG Jake
  16. Subject: LOOKING FOR PROGRAMMING STAFF If you are interested in being part of a professional and experienced team specialized in Roleplay Servers, you are in the right place! We are looking for new members to form part of the programming team, Applicants must maintain an excellent use/knowledge of the following programming languages. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE: C# HTML, CSS, PHP (etc) CodeIgniter JavaScript API REST NodeJS MariaDB 💰 Monetary rewards: Active If you like the idea and are interested, send us your application to our email address: [email protected] Tell us about your programming knowledge, where are you from and what would motivate you to work with us, Don't forget to attach your Discord Username.
  17. Hello, Roleplay server developer required What are the required specifications? 1. cheap price The server will be the first arab server on the rage platform.
  18. Greetings! I am looking for a developer for GTA5 RageMP. What I want from you is standard RageMP's scripts and if needed custom made scripts. Also if possible post-release support like stabilization of server, updating the scripts to latest RageMP version. If we can agree on these terms, I am planning to offer new contract every 6 months. Also if you have any suggestion for server hosting company, feel free too contact me. Thank you for time!
  19. Wir suchen Dich! GESUCHT: Programmierer mit erweiterten Kenntnissen folgender Sprachen: HTML, JS, CSS, C# Es ist zwingend notwendig dass Du Dich bestens damit auskennst ein RP System für RAGE programmieren zu können. Was Du mitbringen solltest: -> Ein gutes Headset (Gute Mikrofon Qualität) -> TeamSpeak³ -> Discord -> RAGEMP -> gute bis sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse in Text und Sprache -> RP Server Vorerfahrung Wenn Du all diese Vorraussetzungen erfüllen kannst, freuen wir uns sehr Dich bei uns Willkommen heissen zu können und machen dann mit Dir ein kurzes Bewerbungsgespräch zum kennenlernen. Teamspeak: GhostRP.eu Dein Ghost RP Team
  20. Hey everyone, As per title - I'm looking for someone capable of working on RageMP Roleplay game mode. Not necessarily Full-Time, can assist Part-Time when available but preferably sharing some knowledge with the rest of the Team. We can discuss the cost of your service and time in advance, no fuss. Professional people, please contact if interested or request any further information.
  21. Backend Developer in .CS we are a large English voice and text based server looking to bring on another backend developer that has had experience on Rage Multiplayer our server is almost ready to be released. We are looking for a backend developer that understand .Cs and also has knowledge of .Js and Database understanding we are a team of developers that have front end designers/developers and a back end dev already but another backend dev for the project would be great our community is almost 1,000 people and growing. requirements for this position - English speaking (or well spoken) - Understand how Rage MP works - Great .Cs background "if you are interested in this position feel free to contact me direct or leave me a comment here and ill reach out to you "
  22. Moin Leute, Ich bin derzeit auf der Suche nach ein komplettes Team für die Entwicklung eines GTA V Servers bei RAGE:MP. Wer bin ich Überhaupt? Scipezz ( Projektleiter ) : Ich bin Kevin 21 Jahre alt und komme aus den Schönen Bayern. Ich spiele seit 3-4 Jahren GTA Roleplay und finde es einfach GENIAL! Mein "Traum" ist es schon immer mal gewesenen einen RageMP Server zuhaben und ein Großes Projekt zu starten. Bisher suchen wir Leute erstmal in den Bereichen: Scripter | Gesucht dringend Mapper | Gesucht Coder | Gesucht Designer | Gefunden Supporter | Gefunden Was man als Teammitglied unbedingt besitzen sollte: Alter Mindestens 16 Man Sollte sich gut verstehen und es soll natürlich auch Spaß machen! Headset sowie TS Pflicht Durchsetzungsvermögen Humor Was ich bisher bieten kann! Teamspeak ³ V-Server Und einen RageMP Server! Die Server werde ich natürlich bezahlen! Fragen beantworte ich gerne per PM, bei Intresse sehr gerne mir schreiben. täglich erreichbar auch auf den TS³ Server: Clay-v.de Bitte beachtet es ist ein Spaß Projekt und wir suchen Leute die Wirkliche Interesse daran haben! Nun Wünsche ich euch Noch schöne tage und ein frohes neues Jahr ❤️ Geh auf den TS3 und danach in den Support Channel rein damit ich weiß das du für den RP Server da bist.
  23. 🖤 Guten Tag liebe RAGEMP Community, 🖤 Das Team rund um den Server Revive-Life sucht einen kompetenten Entwickler / Developer mit Erfahrung im Bereich C# Javascript html css. Wir sind ein noch nicht releaster RP Server und haben klare Vorstellungen sind aber trotz dessen offen für neue Vorschläge. Dinge die du entwickeln würdest wären z.b. Handys, ein Funkgerät, ein Gefängnis System, Frakwar System usw. Also, um es kurz zu fassen wenn du Erfahrung im bereich C# Javascript html css hast würde wir uns freuen wenn du dich bereit erklärts uns zu Helfen vllt auch mit Bezahltung Kontaktmöglichkeiten: Discord: Ronnyb#4819 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/FXAKMB3 Teamspeak 3 Server: revive-life ("Entwickler ● Bewerbung Warteraum") Mit freundlichen Grüßen, 🖤 Revive-Life Team 🖤
  24. Hi, I am looking to set up a server. I've GTA servers on RageMP and other clients for a while now and noticed that there is no major English ZombieRP Survival server. I have played a few myself and find flaws in the server ranging from poor server quality to poor staff teams and service. I am hoping to offer a great community based around zombie roleplay which provides a good experience and a good staff team that are happy to help. I come from a Garry's Mod background and have owned and developed many of my own servers however I am completely clueless how to script and work with serious coding. I am looking for people who are happy to join me in setting this project up but most importantly I am looking for someone who's happy to develop and work on scripts with me. I really like the work done on this script: https://rage.mp/files/file/233-ragesurvival/ I think with a script like this it is possible to create something amazing. Please feel free to get in touch for any reasons.😃 My Discord is Visa_#5516
  25. Hallo, mein Name ist Jamie Dean alias HerrMafyusi und suche Devs die sich dauerhaft an unserem Projekt beteiligen. Wir bieten natürlich eine gewisse Bezahlung für die Arbeit, wie hoch die Bezahlung sein wird kann man immer aushandeln. Kontaktmöglichkeiten Discord HerrMafyusi#8513
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