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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am looking to set up a server. I've GTA servers on RageMP and other clients for a while now and noticed that there is no major English ZombieRP Survival server. I have played a few myself and find flaws in the server ranging from poor server quality to poor staff teams and service. I am hoping to offer a great community based around zombie roleplay which provides a good experience and a good staff team that are happy to help. I come from a Garry's Mod background and have owned and developed many of my own servers however I am completely clueless how to script and work with se
  2. Hello. I want to declare that if a Zombie-RP server is created (conceived), I will help as much as I can, and a good player. I also want to say that it is necessary to make such servers. Since it is interesting and original.
  3. Z8pn


    Version 0.3


    RageZombies (on Github) Zombie Survival Gamemode for RageMP Installation! Prerequisites: MongoDB, NodeJS > 8.0.0 , Intermediate JS Knowledge install all needed packages using npm i "compile" clientside code using watchify client/development/index.js -o client/index.js edit app.js to fit your environment run app.js node app.js run your server About RageZombies was heavily insipred by some of my Zombie Projects on MTA, different Survival/Zombie Games. Most of the Work was strongly influenced by the small community that gathered a
  4. I was wondering if someone would adopt the idea of scripting a Zombie Apocalypse text-based RP server? I think it’d be better on RageMP than SAMP.
  5. Всем привет Хотел бы предложить идею для мода в МП. Зомби мод. Сейчас есть зомби моды для одиночный версии игры, хотелось бы узнать ваше мнение об этом, хотели бы вы видеть Зомби сервера, может есть какие то идеи? Всяко это посмотрят разработчики и примут к сведению. Пишите свои идеи на счёт этой темы, я думаю было бы здорово играть в Зомби мод
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