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Found 11 results

  1. Hi. Who faced this problem? How can you fix this? Thanks. (h4_mph4_airstrip_interior_0_airstrip_hanger)
  2. Can someone help me with the function for mileage?
  3. Everytime when i try to connect with a server on Ragemp my monitor turns to a blackscreen and the only option i have is to restart my PC. I deleted Ragemp and downloaded it again. i searched on Steam for damaged files of GTA V but everything seems to be okay. GTA V story mode and online works perfectly. I hope someone can help me!
  4. Moin. Wenn ich RageMP starte, auf nen server connecte dann öffnet sich so wies soll gta. Jedoch komme ich nur in den normalen GTA screen und am ende kommt dass es irgendeine Zeitüberschreitung gibt. Habe paar Problemlösungen versucht jedoch nix davon funktioniert. Habe beides neuinstalliert, FIrewalls aus, Windows defender aus etc. Hilft alles nix. Lösungen?
  5. Hello to you all, I don’t know if a topic like mine has already been opened, but I searched for hours and found nothing. If so, I apologize in advance. My big problem is that I can’t implement the maps I created in game. Some maps I created with CODE WALKER, others with MEENYOO and others with MAP EDITOR. Can you help me? I’m going crazy about it. Thank you!
  6. when i go to a sever it tells me to verify my old social club account but i cant cuz its old plz help
  7. Your game version is not supported by RAGE multiplayer! I surfed the whole internet and no solution. I need just to wait untill developers solve this??
  8. Hello I'm trying to upload screenshots to my web server. I usually do this using http POST request but I cannot use fetch api on rage. I need a way to upload images to my web server from client side.
  9. So, I have installed Rage multiple times, because of a problem I still haven't solved. Every time I try to join a server, it opens normal GTA Online. Every time I reinstalled it, I did all the steps, making sure every one was right. Been trying to join some servers for a while now, asking for help because I don't know what to do anymore. Thanks in advance.
  10. I opened the port 22005, and entered in conf.json "bind" : And I start the console, and I have it quickly closed! And when I add the bright plugin I also get an error here's the config { "maxplayers" : 100, "name" : "RAGE:MP Server", "bind" : "" "gamemode" : "freeroam", "stream-distance" : 500.0, "announce" : true, "csharp" : "disabled", "port": 22005 }
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