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Found 9 results

  1. Make a backup of your GTA V files before following this guide. For those who accidenttaly updated GTA V and doesn't want to wait RAGE new version support or something else. 1° - You need to open Steam with console enabled. Make a new shortcut on desktop to your Steam.exe and add -console. e.g, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" -console 2°- Go to steamdb (not sure if i can post a link, google it), and search for 271590 (GTA V app id). 3°- Search in the History tab for the desire version update release date(find this by yourself). e.g, 1.44 update was released October 16, 2018. 4°- Look for the changes wich affect /manifests/public and get their code(highlighted in green). e.g for 1.44, 5°- Go to Steam's console and type download_depot following the exemple bellow: download_depot 271590 271591 CODE_IN_GREEN then download_depot 271590 271594 CODE_IN_GREEN 6°- Console will log where the files were saved, but they are usually saved at \Steam\steamapps\content\app_271590 . 7°- Just drop the files inside depot_271591 and depot_271594 into your GTA V directory. That's it. I don't know if this method will work for every version, but i tried to downgrade to 1.44 and worked for me. PT-BR
  2. Hello dear Rage community, since the new update we have a huge problem with our script, the script starts without any problems but when trying to joins we always get following mediation: After the message then the server crashes without error message or further. We've already tried many things but it did not help and that's why we turn to you now in the hope that someone has an advice or knows what is going wrong. We would be very happy if someone could help. Sorry for my english I am German
  3. Is it out, and if not when?
  4. Hello Guys, I have a problem with connecting to a Server names . I cant join the Server because the Server cant find my Social Club ID to activate my Character. I was in the Support of this Server and they told me thats a problem with my processor. I have a AMD (fx-) 6300 six core processor. They said to me that RageMP has a Protection that blocks my processor and with the RageMP 0.4 Update it will be fixed. So i want to ask you if its true or what can i do ? Just waiting for the new 0.4 Update ? I'm happy about every answer. Greetings
  5. Catrina


    Alguém pode me ajudar com esse erro aqui? "A legal, up to date Grand Theft Auto V copy is required to play RAGE Multiplayer. Press OK to terminate RAGE Multiplayer."
  6. Kalos

    UPDATE 1.42

    hello guys I have a problem when I try to join a server it appears that I have to update to 1.42 how do I do it? thanks in advance
  7. Добрый день. Я пытаюсь считать данные из таблицы и вывести их в консоль, но ничего не выводится. Что сделано: Установлен сервер mysql, а также Workbench. Посредством workbench создана таблица users. Установлен node.js и модуль mysql. Привожу код подключения: var mysql = require('mysql'); var sql = mysql.createConnection({ host : 'localhost', user : 'some_user', password : 'some_password', database : 'some_db' }); sql.connect(function(err){ if(err){ console.log('error'); }else{ console.log('connected'); } }); В консоли пишет connected. И внесенные данные выводит. Но когда пытаюсь внести в таблицу данные: sql.query("INSERT INTO users (login, password, rights) VALUES ("", pass, 1)"); То ничего не выходит. Прошу помощи)
  8. Hi, Since a lot of people seems to have problems with RageMP not updating or being corrupted, I decided to post those instructions for future reference. This may help people, for my part, I didn't know that rage's process was in the background and it prevented me from updating without my knowledge. I will update this with time if a better and/or more complete method exists. STEPS TO FIX (would work for most update / corruption problems) 1- Make sure any 'ragemp*.exe' processes are closed, especially 'ragemp_v.exe' (also exit the 'updater.exe' process); 2- Verify your GTA5 files with steam or with the Social Club launcher; 3- Delete every files in your RageMP folder except the updater (if instructions doesn't work the first time, re-download updater.exe from the RageMP website); 4- Make sure GTA5's files have finished being verified and that RageMP's update is over; 5- Make sure you start RageMP with no arguments. For example: disable cef debugger; 6- Start the ragemp_v.exe and enjoy!; If you need more information to "verify your GTA5 files", follow these instructions. Thank you, rt-2
  9. ERROR: Your game version is not supported by RAGE Multiplayer. PLEASE Upgrade to 1.41 in order to continue playing., Was soll ich tun ?