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Found 8 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    Hey i made a simple Car Tuner for RageMP with NativeUI. You can open the menu with "F8". I have it on GitHub for you feel free to fork it: https://github.com/SupperCraft5000/Basic-Car-Tuner You can Tune not all Thins but the Basics.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Copy folder to "client_packages" and add require("./genzocarcompare"); to your "client_packages/index.js";
  3. Hello! Need help setting up the car. When editing the handling file.meta, the game crashes with the error ERR GEN INVALID or nothing changes. The second problem is that we don't know how to add our own sounds to the machines. Thank you in advance for the answer, I will be very grateful!
  4. Good day. Tell me, how can I change the handling of a car on my server? I'm mostly interested in changing the maximum speed of a car.
  5. arm013

    Car shop.

    Good day, sorry for my English, please tell me if it is possible to add a new car shop to the server, because if I add a custom car to the car shop, it is bought but does not appear in my garage, or I don’t understand how to set such parameters so that the car appeared in the garage
  6. So i started to Skin Vehicles for Arma 3, and now since GTA V RP is out i want to skin Cars for GTA V as well. What could i need: The knowledge how to find the Texture of ANY vehicle, since i want to possibly skin them all. What programms do i need? (Im using Photoshop and Illustrator for Arma 3) Thanks if anyone knows the answer. ^^
  7. Hello Someone asks me, how to create a car at right side next to player. So i just wrote this little tutorial about. I hope you enjoy this little thing, which was did in two hours, and explained with a horrible english ;D Spend time: 2 hours testing the spawn of vehicles and coding + doc 3 hours making this tutorial with translation 0.5 hours thinking about, why i am doing this ... (i didn't found an answer -.-) First we have to know some things: How is the World working How is the Position working How is the Rotation working How can i spawn a car (Code snippet) How is the World working? => It is a north axis oriented map. If you open the full map ingame, top is north, bottom is south. It is every time a constant and will not change How is the Position working? => It is a Vector based information. It has three types. X => left - | + right Y => top - | + bottom Z => down - | + up The "+" and "-" are the operators here in our coordination system, which we have to use later. How is the Rotation working? => It is a Vector based information. Same here we have three types, but the number is always positive. So we can just use the Z variable. X => back | front (Not tested) Y => left | right (Not tested) Z => ground Then we will get four options: N => 0° E => 270° S => 180° W => 90° We have to use the radius to know how the player is rotated away from north. Just think about your shool days. back then you had geometry and raius was a topic of it. Ok, we got our information. Let us code that stuff Small version Doc version
  8. Господа, не могу понять что не так. Есть функция, которая принимает строку "ИД цвета" и возвращает массив "RGB" с значением от 0 до 255 в каждом из элементов массива (через свитч реализовано). Что то я накосячил с спойлерами, прошу меня простить.
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