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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone. I found the minimap.ytd file but don't know how to change the blips in it. I need to put my own blips instead of these 4 blips. I need the bmw, mercedes, ferrari and audi logos. How do I change them and add my own. How to add them to the rage mp server. (Hopefully just via dlc.rpf)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    What is this? This is a @MrPancakers's custom chat with scroll bar with a simple addition - it adds option to use arrow up, down key to move thru your chat history. Just like in SAMP! How to install? Extract everything into client_packages folder and add the chat script into your index.js. require("/chat/index.js"); Note This may include some bugs and I do not provide "tech support" for it This was created in version 0.3.7 Credits @MrPancakers (https://rage.mp/profile/5511-mrpancakers/)
  3. Hey guys, I want to create my own "decals" for a RAGE MP Server and can't find the Data for them. Does anyone know how I can create my own "decals"? https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Male_Decals
  4. So i started to Skin Vehicles for Arma 3, and now since GTA V RP is out i want to skin Cars for GTA V as well. What could i need: The knowledge how to find the Texture of ANY vehicle, since i want to possibly skin them all. What programms do i need? (Im using Photoshop and Illustrator for Arma 3) Thanks if anyone knows the answer. ^^
  5. Как реализовывать кастомный чат? У меня есть такое представление по его реализации: Скрыть дефолтный чат, запретить открывать его, с помощью cef вывести свою модель чата и в нее помещать сообщения. Если у меня правильное представление, то подскажите, как текст сообщения, присланный с сервера через SendChatMessage и т.п. функции, вставить в свою модель чата? Если же у меня не верное представление, то как тогда его реализовывать?
  6. Is it possible to change car textures in RageMP via scripting or any other way?
  7. ynhhoJ

    Custom chat

    Version 1.0.2


    This is a simple example of using a custom chat in RAGE MP. You can set time of hide chat from chat.js: hide_chat: 15000 // in milliseconds
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