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Found 13 results

  1. Hello friends Is it possible to obtain the platform and platform account id of a user that is connected on the server Example: steam:<steamId> or egs:<egsId> Thanks
  2. Hello guys, I am looking for a possibility, if the Rage MP server has been completely started up, that I then get a message in the console such as: *Server ready.* Is that possible? greetings, Killer0561 (Sascha)
  3. Hello!1 As I understand it in RageMp, there is the ability to add custom NPCs. But I do not understand if there is an opportunity to prescribe them, artificial intelligence?
  4. Hello. I wanted to ask a question: is it planned to update gtanetworkAPI from .NetCore 2.0 on 3.0?
  5. Hello! I am currently creating a login script. I want to do it different than the other servers. That arises the question, why nobody uses the Social Club Name for an automatic login? Is there an bug with the socialclub name or could it be exploited? It would be helpful if you could give me a useful answer. Thanks in advance. ~cinux
  6. Is it possible to change car textures in RageMP via scripting or any other way?
  7. Hey is it possible to spawn vehicles with tuning modification. And how to save Tuning modifications in mysql and load them when a player join the server.
  8. Hello Guys How can I program so that only certain people can see the blips
  9. Robson


    does RAGE have CEF experimental features enabled? document.cookie work?
  10. Will I get banned if I don't remove my mods? If i can keep them on my GTA V folder w/o having the hassle to remove them to play multiplayer, that would be cool.
  11. Can I play GTA Online with RAGE installed? I would like to install RAGE client but I'm aware that it wouldn't be possible to enter a GTA:Online session.
  12. Anyone knows how to make the player Invincible/godmode when entering a Colshape? my code looks like this: let someColShape = mp.colshapes.newRectangle(-1350, -1435, 10.7, 100); function playerEnterColshapeHandler(player, shape) { if(shape == someColShape) { player.health = 100 player.removeWeapon(736523883); // SMG player.removeWeapon(453432689); // PISTOL } } mp.events.add("playerEnterColshape", playerEnterColshapeHandler); Thanks
  13. Will Rage Plugin Hook be supported, or at the very least, have Police Mod being supported? If LSPDFR is not working, Police Roleplay Clans flock to the old police mods. Will they be supported without crashing? Any updates on police rp be appreciated.
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