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Found 5 results

  1. I can add NPC on server ?,
  2. Hello!1 As I understand it in RageMp, there is the ability to add custom NPCs. But I do not understand if there is an opportunity to prescribe them, artificial intelligence?
  3. Hey, I'd like to know how could I interact with an NPC. i.e. I wanna code a VehicleHandler, so there should be a NPC with which i can interact to buy a car. How is this possible? So like how can I code it and how can I spawn a NPC right there where I want it?
  4. Hello guys. How can I kill ped? I made ped and I don't know how can i kill him.'a_f_y_bevhills_02'), new mp.Vector3(-1193.87, -766.57, 17.31), 209.81, (streamPed) => { streamPed.setAlpha(255); streamPed.setHealth(50); // Also setHealth doesn't work and I want to kill ped with weapon }, player.dimension);
  5. .32

    Is this possible?

    First of all sorry for posting here but I can not post at questions. Is it possible to control the NPCs? I want to do something like arma 3 wastelands where world events will be hosted frequently like "Capture the Town" and players will have to fight with the NPCs for the town. Is it possible to make the NPCs attack the players and also make them drive cars / drive by?