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Found 2 results

  1. Здравствуйте, друзья. Подскажите, пожалуйста, как повернуть объект вокруг любой его оси после создания самого объекта. Интересует как серверная реализация (поворот на сервере), так и чисто клиентская (локальная). Например, я создаю объект на клиенте, локально: const obj = 'gr_prop_gr_target_02a' ), new mp.Vector3( 0, 0, 0 ), { rotation: new mp.Vector3( 0, 0, 0 ), alpha: 255, dimension: 0 }); Это объект "мишень". Скажем, по кнопке "K" я хотел бы повернуть этот объект по вертикальной оси (ось Z) на 90 градусов. mp.keys.bind(0x4B, true, function() { obj... // код поворота объекта }); На сколько я понял, у объекта "obj" нет свойств rotation, heading и др. Буду очень признателен за подсказку решения проблемы.
  2. Hello Someone asks me, how to create a car at right side next to player. So i just wrote this little tutorial about. I hope you enjoy this little thing, which was did in two hours, and explained with a horrible english ;D Spend time: 2 hours testing the spawn of vehicles and coding + doc 3 hours making this tutorial with translation 0.5 hours thinking about, why i am doing this ... (i didn't found an answer -.-) First we have to know some things: How is the World working How is the Position working How is the Rotation working How can i spawn a car (Code snippet) How is the World working? => It is a north axis oriented map. If you open the full map ingame, top is north, bottom is south. It is every time a constant and will not change How is the Position working? => It is a Vector based information. It has three types. X => left - | + right Y => top - | + bottom Z => down - | + up The "+" and "-" are the operators here in our coordination system, which we have to use later. How is the Rotation working? => It is a Vector based information. Same here we have three types, but the number is always positive. So we can just use the Z variable. X => back | front (Not tested) Y => left | right (Not tested) Z => ground Then we will get four options: N => 0° E => 270° S => 180° W => 90° We have to use the radius to know how the player is rotated away from north. Just think about your shool days. back then you had geometry and raius was a topic of it. Ok, we got our information. Let us code that stuff Small version Doc version