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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.0


    HI all, here is a simple CarShop system, pretty optimized in client side, but not this much server-side. This CarShop adapt himself to what you give it, from the config file, let me explain: You define some parameters in the config file, for your carShop (Vehicles classses, marker position...), and the client side system with do the stuff. Here is a example of a carShop: "Boat": { // Shop Name "Position": { // vehicle position for the showcase, camera is auto defined from this "x": -729, "y": -1361, "z": 0.05, "rz": 136 }, "Marker": { // Marker for the player when entering shop "x": -815.93, "y": -1346.3, "z": 5.15 }, "Park": { // When you buy your vehicle, here is where you put vehicle location, it is random ! :D ANd a waypoint is created in client side to show where it is "0":{"x":-725.33,"y":-1325.299,"z":0.11,"rz":228.29}, "1":{"x":-727.42,"y":-1329.044,"z":0.11,"rz":230.54}, "2":{"x":-729.79,"y":-1333.469,"z":0.11,"rz":230.29}, "3":{"x":-731.4,"y":-1332.34,"z":0.11,"rz":228.29}, "4":{"x":-734.63,"y":-1334.34,"z":0.11,"rz":228.29}, "5":{"x":-738.73,"y":-1342.34,"z":0.11,"rz":228.29} }, "Blip": 427, // Blip for the map "Class": [ 14 ], // vehicle classes, see below for list "Name": "Boat Shop" // Displayed Name } So, aswell, when connect this will create a Marker / Blip on the marker position of the config file. And that's all for creating a car shop ! Now, you can define prices easily aswell: In the vehicle_Shop.json file, you have the list of every vehicle which are available for selling. You have the hash, displayName, name, manufacturer & the price, define dby 15000 by default, but you can define a new price for every vehicle by yourself. That's all you have to do, now do /carShop [YouCarShopName], and see the magic happening. Here is the vehicles class name: Sedans SUVs Coupe Muscle Sport Classic Sport Super Moto Off-Road Industrial Utility Vans Cycles Boats Helicopters Planes Service Emergency Military Commercial Trains I think i gave you all the stuff to make it works, i hope you like it! By default you have 3 carshops, boat / low budget car/ helicopters.
  2. arm013

    Car shop.

    Good day, sorry for my English, please tell me if it is possible to add a new car shop to the server, because if I add a custom car to the car shop, it is bought but does not appear in my garage, or I don’t understand how to set such parameters so that the car appeared in the garage