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Found 18 results

  1. hey guys, I tried to post this a few times and it didnt work somehow now I am trying it on a desktop pc. I hope there wont be multiple posts with the same content. I started programming a server with javascript only and have build a login browser when a player joins. Atm. - it just sends the given information to the server - server prints out the name and password (just for testing puposes - Server calls client side event with value 1 - when value is 1 client destroys browser And my problem is, that sometimes my game freezes when the browser is destoyed. Sometimes it works just fine, sometimes the game freezes after sending message to chat and sometimes it freezes even before sending any message.. Does anyone know what the problem could be? The console does not show any errors This is my Client-sided Script index.js and this is the server-sided one I hope someone can help me with this. EDIT: I tried out a few things and found out.. the Server events does not crash the game when there is no browser created. The game only crashes when I add loginBrowser.destroy() to the code. But I dont know how to hide it otherways.
  2. Hey Guys, hope you can help me with my problem. i want to end a function in a Event, if the player disconnects or leave the Server. But i only get crashes. Here my Code: function playerQuit(player) { console.log(`${} has quit.`); }"playerQuit", playerQuit); // After player die"playerDeath", (player, reason, killer) => { //Set values hospital -> player dead/alive //hospitaltime -> time that he have to be in hospital = 1; player.hospitaltime = 12; //update values in database gm.mysql.handle.query('UPDATE `accounts` SET hospital = ?, hospitaltime = ? WHERE username = ?', [, player.hospitaltime,], function(err, res, row){ if(err) console.log(err); }); if(player){ gm.mysql.handle.query('SELECT hospital, hospitaltime FROM `accounts` WHERE username = ?', [], function(err, res){ if(err) console.log(err); //Read Values from Database = parseInt(res[0]["hospital"]); player.hospitaltime = parseInt(res[0]["hospitaltime"]); }); //if player is dead do -> if( == 1){ var timeLeft = parseInt(player.hospitaltime); var timerID = setInterval(countdown, 5000); //Countdown for hospitaltime function countdown(){ //if time over player have to be spawned and timeout have to be cleared if(timeLeft == 1){ clearTimeout(timerID); player.hospitaltime = 0; = 0; gm.mysql.handle.query('UPDATE `accounts` SET hospital = ?, hospitaltime = ? WHERE username = ?', [ , player.hospitaltime,], function(err, res, row){ if(err) console.log(err); }); player.spawn(new mp.Vector3(-799.5113525390625, -99.25785827636719, 37.604530334472656)); return; } else { // if player leave put values in database if( =={ clearTimeout(timerID); = 1; player.hospitaltime = timeLeft; gm.mysql.handle.query('UPDATE `accounts` SET hospital = ?, hospitaltime = ? WHERE username = ?', [ , player.hospitaltime,], function(err, res, row){ if(err) console.log(err); }); return; } //write new values timeLeft--; gm.mysql.handle.query('UPDATE `accounts` SET hospitaltime = ? WHERE username = ?', [timeLeft,], function(err, res, row){ if(err) console.log(err); }); } } } } }); to test this code i have in my cmd.js this:'kick', (player, target) => { let newTarget =; if(!target || isNaN(target)) return player.outputChatBox("Syntax: /kick [playerID]"); if(newTarget === null) return player.outputChatBox("There is no player online with the ID given.") newTarget.outputChatBox("You have been kicked from the server."); newTarget.kick('Kicked.'); }); My server crashes everytime when i kick me, when im in the hospital. it also crashes without this Code section: // if player leave put values in database if( =={ clearTimeout(timerID); = 1; player.hospitaltime = timeLeft; gm.mysql.handle.query('UPDATE `accounts` SET hospital = ?, hospitaltime = ? WHERE username = ?', [ , player.hospitaltime,], function(err, res, row){ if(err) console.log(err); }); return; } i get following logs in my console: Error: asyc stack has become corrutep (actual: 29, expected: 30) 1: 00007FF824079805 2: 00007FF824059B82 3: 00007FF824069CB3 4: 00007FF82409ABD0 5: 00007FF82415BCDE 6: 00007FF8241F810D 7: 00007FF8241F5066 [...]***more of them*** Edit: The problem was, that i had 2 events with the same name. now it does not crash anymore
  3. So the problem is, when attempting to connect to server via RageMP, social club is being launched, then GTA by itself, like 2 sec of black fullscreen, then the game crashes without any errors. Already tried reinstalling the game, reinstalling RageMP, removing all overlays such as Discord and Shadowplay, but nothing seems to work for me, help would be appreciated. Also tried to launch without Afterburner, and removing all usb devices except mouse and keyboard. This is how it looks like: Edit: added video for reference
  4. Guten Tag, ich habe das Problem, dass wenn ich RageMP starte und Normal auf einen Server joine und dann auf dem Server bin und mich Anmelden muss stürzt das Spiel nach etwa 20 Sek. ab. (Ohne Fehlermeldung) Das einzige was passiert ist das sich das Gta 5 Anmeldungsfenster eine Sek. öffnet und sich dann Automatisch wieder schließt. (In diesem Fenster ist allerdings auch keine Fehlermeldung)
  5. 309/5000 I have a problem when I start RageMP and join a server comes the loading screen and when I need to enter the password to come to the server the game crash about after 10 sec. without an error message, then comes another sec. the GTA 5 launcher, where nothing stands or happens.
  6. Sasassaas

    GTA crash

    GTA crashes immediately after logging on to the server, and when the scripts are loading, the game works fine. How to solve this problem?
  7. So basically when I try to install RAGEMP it just says: Status: Install and a windows security window where it asks me if I give the app permision to make changes on my device. I click yes and immediately says that it has downloaded but when I am searching for the files in the install path there are none. If I tick the "Start RAGE Multiplayer" after the app has "installed" it gives me the error below (pastebin, video and pics).
  8. Hey guys i have a problem with connecting to the server with loaded dlc´s. I mapped a Room , created a dlc.rpf, and adlc.rpf for the props. By the first connect they are loading in the files (clientside). If we conncet a second time, we get a issue by connecting: check the serverfiles..... , any idea?
  9. Every time I start rage mp I get to Loading Rage Multiplayer, then GTA V crashes and I get the error message GTA V exited unexpectedly. I already tried uninstalling all anti-virus etc. but it still won't work. I also tried turning off the Nvidia in-game overlay, but it still crashes with the same message. I also do not have any other GTA V multiplayer or any other GTA V mods. Sincerely, CyberFX

    game crash

    hi. when i play on server my pc freezing every few minutes or crash .i reinstall rage mp or move game on other driver.or run in administrator or disabled steam overlay.and its still freezing and i install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2. and it still freezing . please help me thanks gtx1050ti amd ryzen 5 1500x 8 ram
  11. To describe this problem short. When i try to install my Client, and everything is already downloaded, it checks for updates and then i get a white window saying "Please reinstall RAGE Multiplayer or Connect to localhost?" Error message ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND: file:///C:/Users/Elias/Desktop/Games/ragemp#\rui\launcher.html so yeah i dont know what i should do next i already tried to reinstall it but no changes, Help me! here a screenshot sorry for this website i dont know any better ones
  12. When i want to join to the server everything goes normal. Until i should get the Log in panel. Then i crash, and sometimes cant even close the client. In the log i found this.: Failed to locate a binder for interface: blink::mojom::SensitiveInputVisibilityService [0709/
  13. P P


    am playing smooth till yesterday and when i opened today it crashed and showed me this error Corrupt game data ERR_GEN_INVALID any one HELP..!!!
  14. I can't play RAGE:MP because it says (after I'd connect to the server) that my game files are corrupted, I don't know why, I removed ALL mods and verified the game through steam. The SP mode works perfectly. EDIT: It only happens when I connect to my own Server. Fixed it by myself, I redownloaded the Server-Files. Screenshot
  15. kostya_nad


    Server crashes when I go to this place ( It was MySQL connection is too long. Please close or delete!!
  16. Bonjour à tous ! Ça fait plaisir de voir un peu de communauté française sur ce projet. J' ai un petit soucis, quand je lance rage mp par le launcher ça fonctionne mais une fois que je lance un serveur ça fait crash le jeu. Est-ce parceque la version de mon jeu gta est trop récente ? Je suis sur la version officiel. Merci d' avance pour vos retours.
  17. So I just installed all the rage MP files, and when i try opening a server using the Rage launcher, a GTA V windows pops up but it closes automatically after a few seconds. How do I fix this? help is appreciated!
  18. Такая вот ошибка Я бы загрузил картинку , но не знаю как