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  1. Hey, i've been trying to add a lot of modded cars to my server, but the client crashes if the complete client resources is above 1 gig. Does RageMP cap at 1 gig of client resources or one of my mods is conflicting with another? Also, i have found out that when there are more than 20 cars (not 20 packages) the client also crashes. I'm pretty lost at this point as to why im crashing, i have separated a few mods that resulted in a definite crash, but those mods can work by themselves, and beside a lot of other mods. Also, i can't find any logs where ragemp saves its crash data.
  2. Hi, I have the game on rockstar game launcher. It worked fine this morning (10 hours ago) even when others couldn't play because of a version mismatch I was already playing so I had no issues staying connected. Now I am trying to play again, and when I select a server, it starts up rockstar games launcher and then instantly crashes and the game never starts. Please help D: Thanks! I tried: - Reinstalling rage MP - verifying game files with rockstar launcher - launching another server (it still does the same thing) - launching official GTA onlin
  3. Hi guys, I have a trouble... When I launch a game with Kaspersky Antivirus I have this error https://imgur.com/q1zwQuk , after I turn off it, processes just dissaper! I hope you will help me)
  4. The memory cannot read takes off with an error. Paints mostly in Sandy Shores. Alone and online does not crash at all. As soon as I go into the game, it immediately crashes, and there is nothing I can do. Steam version. photo video
  5. Hey, everytime I try to connect to a server, my RAGEMP crashs in the loading screen, where it says "establishing connection" and "launching game". It is opening a window where Rockstar Games trys to launch GTA and then everything closes and no crash reports are coming on to my screen. I already reseted my Computer and It is still not working. I hope you can help me.. I tried to: - Launch RAGEMP as an administrator - Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 - Uninstall and install RAGEMP - As I told you, reseted my Computer If I look in to the
  6. Hello community, in my attempt to connect to a server, every time I go ALT+TAB and return to the game, this crashes. It is blocked by the fact that it puts me in the map and the functions no longer work, the only function is quit game. The sound of the game I can still hear imgur link: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  7. Приветствую. Hello. Проблема: Problem: При заходе на сервер версии 1.1, запускается GTA5 вылетает и выдает ошибку, хотя на версии 0.3.7 все нормально. Зависает обычно перед появлением заставки Rage mp. Странно еще то, что иногда в игру на сервер 1.1 нормально заходит, обычно после перезагрузки системы, но не всегда, а очень редко, примерно 1 на 10 раз и появляется заставка. В чем проблема не понятно. Google translate: Greetings. Problem: When you enter the server version 1.1, GTA5 starts, crashes and gives an error, although everything is fine on version 0.3.7. It usually hangs before th
  8. I've got a small problem with my client as it crashes on this specific location (In-game coordinates show as 0, 0, 0): I'm not sure if the server or client is causing it to crash, but I'm wondering if there is some way of getting error log on crash or something so I can see why it crashed. Thank you for your time! 🤗
  9. Hello, everyone, I uploaded Rage MP yesterday and it worked fine. But today I am facing a problem of client crashing upon connecting the servers. It simply says to run the game as an admin, however, even after doing as instructed, it still wouldn't start. Screenshot of the error window I have alredy: runned the game as admin reinstalled the client turned off my antivirus
  10. So, my RageMP closes without any message when i try to join any servers as well as Steam and Rockstar Games Launcher and this happens after the "establishing connection"
  11. So my rage keeps crashing when launching into the server i play on (GTAW). I have no idea how to fix this as I have tried everything, please send me some sort of guidance!
  12. RageMP crashes after 1 hour playing everytime, i just get the stopped working error
  13. i have a crash with new vehicledata.json, I check .log file and there is no information about crush. help please!) It works with old vehicledata.json (there is no drafter, or sultan2 and others.) But i need new cars! help pls!
  14. basically when i try join mafiarp it opens the rock star launcher then after few seconds rage.mp and the launcher both crash i have gtav on eoics game and im confused about all the file stuff ive tried re downloading rage onto my gtav file help pls
  15. Hallo, Ich habe nun seit mehren tagen versucht RageMP zum laufen zu bekommen. Videolink zum Fehler: https://youtu.be/_kcZGY5L6Go Wie man im beigefügten Video sieht., startet RageMP erstmal ganz normal. Wenn ich dann alles geladen habe, bleibt es stecken und er versucht durchgehend neu zu verbinden. Dabei ändert sich aber die komplette Grafik und der Charakter wird kantig. Außerdem lädt RageMP unter F1 auch keine Server mehr. Das Problem ist auch nicht nur bei dem Server so, sondern auch bei allen anderen. Meine Fix Ansätze: - RageMP mehrfach neu installiert -Rage
  16. Hi everyone ! İ got some problems. Server running and does not have problem yet> running server image But i press the f1 and again press the close button(X) im crashing and server is down. >> These the error ss >> f1 screen console error vs error info
  17. My game always crashes when I try to play Eclipse, it freezes on the 224th package and after a minute or so crashes. Any suggestions?
  18. Hi, everybody. I have this problem, I'm trying to launch this Rage launcher, when I start the game (the Game is using a special launcher from Rockstar, not the Steam version), during initialization of Social Club, the game closes and the Rockstar launcher gives an error - "an unexpected error Occurred", what should I do at the moment ? Reinstalling GTA 5 and Rage doesn't help
  19. Description of the problem: Gta hangs and in half a minute flies out. Rockstar does not support RP server support and has been redirected to you. No departures (except Rage) are observed on other projects. youtube.com
  20. Hey, I just downloaded the RageMP app and it downloaded all good. I can open it but when I click on a server at first the Rockstar Launcher loads but then happens nothing and the game wont start and it isnt showing any kind of error message exept that Rockstar Launcher crash message.
  21. Dear All, Our server crashes at random times with no log entries regarding the crash and there are no dump files either. We are running on a dedicated server with Windows Server 2012. The problem tends to occur more frequently when the connected player count is higher. Is there any way or tool that we could use to find the root cause(s) of these crashes? Any kind of help is greately appreciated. Thanks in advance, shoeri
  22. Bonjour à tous ! Ça fait plaisir de voir un peu de communauté française sur ce projet. J' ai un petit soucis, quand je lance rage mp par le launcher ça fonctionne mais une fois que je lance un serveur ça fait crash le jeu. Est-ce parceque la version de mon jeu gta est trop récente ? Je suis sur la version officiel. Merci d' avance pour vos retours.
  23. hey guys, I tried to post this a few times and it didnt work somehow now I am trying it on a desktop pc. I hope there wont be multiple posts with the same content. I started programming a server with javascript only and have build a login browser when a player joins. Atm. - it just sends the given information to the server - server prints out the name and password (just for testing puposes - Server calls client side event with value 1 - when value is 1 client destroys browser And my problem is, that sometimes my game freezes when the browser is destoyed. Sometimes
  24. Hey Guys, hope you can help me with my problem. i want to end a function in a Event, if the player disconnects or leave the Server. But i only get crashes. Here my Code: function playerQuit(player) { console.log(`${player.name} has quit.`); } mp.events.add("playerQuit", playerQuit); // After player die mp.events.add("playerDeath", (player, reason, killer) => { //Set values hospital -> player dead/alive //hospitaltime -> time that he have to be in hospital player.hospital = 1; player.hospitaltime = 12; //update values in database gm.mysql.handle.query('UPD
  25. So the problem is, when attempting to connect to server via RageMP, social club is being launched, then GTA by itself, like 2 sec of black fullscreen, then the game crashes without any errors. Already tried reinstalling the game, reinstalling RageMP, removing all overlays such as Discord and Shadowplay, but nothing seems to work for me, help would be appreciated. Also tried to launch without Afterburner, and removing all usb devices except mouse and keyboard. This is how it looks like: Edit: added video for reference
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