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Found 4 results

  1. Ich habe durchgehend konstanten Lowping, kaum starte ich das Spiel läuft noch alles, aber sobald ich auf den Server verbinde, bekomme ich ultra highping und ich time überall aus (Die Serverresourcen sind bereits runtergeladen und auch nach dem Login time ich noch überall). Habe bereits versucht das Spiel ohne Firewall zu starten, hatte jedoch auch nicht funktioniert.
  2. If I click on the ESC or open the card, everything freezes, but the mouse can be moved and the only solution to how to exit the game is to turn it off through the task manager.I can’t help but opening it sometimes really needed! what to do ?
  3. If I hit a player, or they die, they move wierdly. Watch the video linked down. It's very annoying, as I want to make a server. https://streamable.com/psp4lg
  4. I have on a map there is such certain as I their call Critical Zone,and as only I call in for imaginary line I have hangs and crashes game,is happening this only in these zones regardless of server on which I play,however in original online Critical zones there is no.Neither reinstalling the client nor reducing the graphics, nothing helped.Really need help as these areas are very interfere with play and thrive in the game.They are located by the way mainly on country roads and in tunnels.
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