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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This script will work on simple implementation into your gamescript. Script was tested with ~40 players online at once. Just include the script into your gamemode and make sure to trigger the server-sided events to let a person carry another person. Please implement a check if a person is already carrying another person. (which can easily be done by checking "carry" shared variable. Report bugs? Mention me on RAGE:MP Discord or with DevGrab#0815
  2. matical


    Version 1.0.0


    I converted this system from a previous GTA Multiplayer Client. I never had time to update it or add new features so it comes as is. It adds animals that are fully synced to each client with different states such as: Fleeing Grazing Wandering There are two animals to start: Deer Boar + More can be easily added. It also includes a command that allows you to pickup an animal that is dead. (Mainly for RP servers) MAY REQUIRE SMALL TWEAKS TO WORK
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This resource introduces new types of synced data variables along with entity.setVariable and entity.setOwnVariable to lower the affected user with syncing such data to a certain scope. Stream variables: Introduces synced data variables across streamed entities. The entity provides his data to the streamed clients and the vice versa. Dimensional variables: Introduces synced data variables across a dimension. The entity provides data to all clients in the dimension with a option to have a persistent data mode which keeps the data synced across multi dimension change. Note: Dimensional variables won't operate properly if you don't use its custom function entity.setDimension due to some complications that couldn't be sorted out. More information about the API usage can be found in github repo. This resource was a collaboration with me and @materiawith a vision to release a series of open sourced resources later on.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This should save you some time writing your own syncing when it comes to using player.setClothes() for values over 255 until 1.0 gets released. The download has example scenarios/commands you can use. Serverside Functions: player.changeClothes(Number componentId, Number drawable, Number texture, Bool save, Bool sync) player.resetClothes() Save parameter: By setting this to true the script will remember these values and re-apply these when using player.resetClothes() Sync parameter: If you set this parameter to false the clothes will only be applied on the target client. Set this to true and everyone will see the clothes! Demonstration: This GIF has both save and sync parameter set to false to preview the selected item before actually purchasing it. Once purchased, both save and sync are set to true to remember the purchased item and to sync it to all other clients https://imgur.com/a/gsySyPc And this GIF shows the same interaction but from the other client https://imgur.com/a/0IankaB
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