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Found 3 results

  1. Hello guys! When i equip a weapon - such a bug occures. Couldn't find any solution, so i'm looking for help here 😧
  2. 1) I have a question, can I make a custom animation reloading weapons? make for example for the machine another animation recharge. 2) Can I make a weapon Addon? add a new weapon WITHOUT REPLACING the old one with a new model, namely a new one with its own characteristics. Also make new modifications for this weapon. ( Sight, shop and so on )
  3. tl;dr: - How to check if player is carrying a specific weapon - How to check how much ammo he is carrying Hello, i hope that this is the right subforum for my problem. I am trying to make an armory where players can take and put weapons/ammo. The "take" is working fine, but I don't find a way to check (on server-side) if a player carries the weapon he wants to put in and how much ammo he is carrying, so when a player wants to put a weapon in the armory, i don't know if hes actually carrying the weapon. In the wiki i have found: Player::getWeaponAmmo (not working with weapon hash, always returns 0) Player::weaponAmmo (don't know how to use) Player::weapons (don't know how to use) Player::allWeapons (returns "{}") Regards, Pacco (i'm not a native english speaker, so please have indulgence)