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Found 7 results

  1. So I installed Rage MP and Chose the path of my GTA installation. But when I try to connect to a server, Rage lounches Epic Games. But I don't own and never have owned GTA on Epic. Already tried reinstalling GTA and RageMP. Any help?
  2. Hello! I own GTA 5 on Epic Games and Rockstar Launcher seperately. I installed it via Rockstar Launcher, but when I try to connect a server, RageMP launches EpicGames, I think RageMP wants to launch the game via Epic Games, but I installed it with Rockstar launcher. Please help!
  3. Hello. I have tried all the login methods, but with no success. Even replacing the files didn't help. My friends play quietly through Steam, but I have a bug due to which I can not play epic games. Help solve the problem, please
  4. Hello there, i´ve recently got Gta 5 from the Epic Games Launcher and tried to install Rage. I´ve followed the instructions as specified in the "How to install RAGE Multiplayer" thread but as soon as i start the Rage launcher, a pop up window appears with a yellow warning sign and some chinese/japanese letters in the headline in which i can only click "OK". After confirming the pop up, another window appears which asks me to specify the game path. This seems pretty normal to me but the Epic Games launcher is such a wondrous piece of software that i cant seem to find the directory in which gta got installed... And after about 3 hours of folder hunting i´m pretty much done with my life. I mostly think Epic Games is to blame on this one, but if someone has an idea for a fix i would be thankfull.
  5. Rage fails to launch and tells me to verify my game data but i got it form epic games and don't know how to
  6. When will RageMP download come to support Epic Games because I really want to play on it but it doesn't seem to work
  7. Every time I try to run/ use rage multiplayer it says "failed to retrieve the install directory", I am using Epic games and have tried everything in the epic files, and rockstar games folder. I am able to play online too.
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