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Found 8 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, this Electrician job was made last night, in an effort to get to understand the more complex and the workflow for RageMP, i find it really interesting and i'm looking for your feedback. How does it work: You will get a blip on the map If you get there, you need to talk to the Electrician guy to hire yourself and get the garage access to spawn vehicles Once you get in range for the Garage blip, you need to press `E` to spawn the job vehicle and to get missions to go to: There is implemented an "inaccesible" script, that you can just be around the general entrance area, and you get teleported to the exit and the same for exit: Once you get inside, you can go to the mission to repair the electric panel: I do custom work and take script requests, feel free to message me: krane#2890 on discord
  2. Looking for a job script/suggestions Like Taxi, Trucker, Miner, Ect
  3. Subject: LOOKING FOR PROGRAMMING STAFF If you are interested in being part of a professional and experienced team specialized in Roleplay Servers, you are in the right place! We are looking for new members to form part of the programming team, Applicants must maintain an excellent use/knowledge of the following programming languages. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE: C# HTML, CSS, PHP (etc) CodeIgniter JavaScript API REST NodeJS MariaDB 💰 Monetary rewards: Active If you like the idea and are interested, send us your application to our email address: [email protected] Tell us about your programming knowledge, where are you from and what would motivate you to work with us, Don't forget to attach your Discord Username.
  4. Hey guys. I am looking for a scripter for permanent work for a project. Russian language project. There will be support - the English audience. What is required of you -- work experience - examples of work - adequacy and professionalism - time for permanent work We can clarify more detailed details when contacting - https://vk.com/arthurfire - https://www.facebook.com/arthur.onuchak - telegram - @arthurfire
  5. Who we are A small but ambitious team thrilling to deliver top service and best role-playing game experience to all gamers as ourselves. We are working hard to fulfill our mission and are currently looking for a Server Developer (RAGE MP) longing to become a part of our group. Job Description As a Server Developer you will be responsible for fixing bugs and maintenance of the code. A perfect candidate will be a flexible gamer ready to take on other (sometimes emerging) tasks. Your daily activity will involve C# or NodeJS knowledge as well as mapping skills. Previous experience with Rage MP server is a great asset, but not a mandatory requirement. Nice to have Experience with multiplayer games. Being an active gamer. If you are ready to take up this challenge, send us your application! What we offer · Becoming a part of interesting project · Competitive salary · A lot of challenges and ambitious tasks · Pleasant and joyful atmosphere · Further cooperation on both counterparties agreement No need to send your CV. Please contact us in Discord (Just_Frozen#9097) and we will talk about your experience and expectations. Cheers!
  6. I want to do a job with the Trashmaster and i need the rear position of the car. There should be a marker and u have to throw trash in the vehicle there. I cant find a function that i could use for that. I thought about getting the vehicle rotation and then calculate the position (where the trash should be thrown in). Maybe you guys could help me here with the calculation for that or smth like that. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I'm looking for a Dev to build a server of the genre RPG. The server will be made without any base, built by hand step by step, will be somewhat laborious. I will pay for a script / system made and functional, some systems will be simple and others complex, the server will be inspired by Mirror Roleplay, but it will not be a copy, it is necessary to highlight this. If you are interested, send me privately your price range with regard to simple, moderate and difficult scripts, I would also like to possible the value of your time worked. Thanks and sorry for my bad English, I'm still learning and I'm not fluent.
  8. Checkpoint или Waypoint? Как правильно использовать это для создание точек в которые должен попасть автобус. Может кто помочь создать простой из двух точек маршрут, который бы выполнялся, если игрок прописал команду находясь в автобусе(любую). Или это вообще надо через миссию делать. В общем буду рад помощи с разработкой этого. Ну или расскажите как это работает. p.s. Я пока что осваиваю всё это дело, но кое что уже научился делать, поэтому лишняя помощь не помешает, рано или поздно сам разберусь, но если не трудно поделится, буду признателен
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