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Found 17 results

  1. When I'm launching the game through the previously installed Majestic Launcher, the following error occurs : [ https://yapx.ru/album/WRIJN ] . Simply put, he writes to me either that Easy AntiCheat was not installed by me, or that he was denied access. There were attempts to fix the error in the following ways : 1. Checking the integrity of the game files ; 2. Reinstalling the game Launcher with the deletion of server data ; 3. Reinstalling game data (games via Steam) ; 4. Running bug fixes via Easy AntiCheat itself ; 5. Easy AntiCheat data deletion followed by reinstalling not only the main folder, but also the EOS folder ; 6. Viewing the rights of services with the change of the launch type to Easy AntiCheat services from "Automatically" to "Manually" ; 7. Disabling programs: Razer / Lightshot / MSI Afterburner / MSI Dragon Center / MSI True Color, etc.; 8. Disabling antiviruses + disabling the "Windows Security" function with the inclusion of game files in the list of exceptions ; 9. Updating the Windows version to the current version ; 10. Updating device drivers, including graphics card and C++ drivers. In addition, it is worth noting that when reinstalling the game launcher or installing the main Rage MP launcher, there is a problem with installing Easy AntiCheat EOS on the device. This process has to be initiated manually through working with .bat files. After all the operations done, I created an appeal to the technical support of my server for GTA 5 RP (https://forum.majestic-rp.ru/threads/zajavlenie-no1396755.1063817/). However, there was practically nothing they could help me with. They advised to carry out a separate list of measures to eliminate the error. Here they are : 1. Make sure that our launcher (or RAGE) is installed adequately, for example in c:\User\RAGEMP , and not in the folder with GTA, music, etc. 2. Delete the commandline file from the GTA 5 folder 3. Launch all the launchers and log in to all accounts before choosing a server. 4. Using any software to update drivers on the system and all devices, check for updates and update everything to the latest versions, restart the PC. 5. Completely remove RG, RAGE, GTA 5, then install it on another disk. 6. Make sure that the package .NET Framework latest version. Link - https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework 7. Make sure that the Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 package has been installed. Link - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 I have done all the steps from this list and only the item number 2 helped me. However, another day has passed and the problem with access denial for Easy AntiCheat has returned again. Deleting one file helped only for 1 entry into the game lasting no more than 6 hours. And then again the same range of problems. How can I solve the issue with this error? Maybe who knows the answer?
  2. I bought GtaV on steam and i dowloaded and installed the RageMP with the intent of play in a role play server. Information asides. Everytime that i try to open my RageMP and join a server it opens my normal GTA V and it leads my to the landing page(where u can choose to go online or story mode). -I tried to install the RageMP in the C/: as the installation asked and also tried to reinstall it inside of Programms(x86) -I tried to open it first and let it open steam and the gta V -I tried to copy the Rage_V.exe from the RAGEMP Folder to the gta V folder. -I tried direct connection and the normal connection through the server list. -i reinstalled Gta V. -I tried to turn of my firewall. Help me pls I don't really know what to do, i read already 10 topics avout this problem and until now nothing is solved.
  3. Hello, I have a big problem with RAGE Launcher. When I start my favorite server and it's time for the RAGE Launcher, I get a black screen (as if it's not responding) and then I have to wait like ten minutes for this screen to cut off. Well, after that, the game loads normally later, but when I enter the server and there is an inscription FINISHING HANDSHAKE, suddenly the whole launcher jams again and then there is no turning back. I have to either restart my computer or disable Launcher in Task Manager. I've been struggling with this for three days now and I can see that the problem lies with the RAGE Launcher, although I'm not entirely sure. It would be nice if someone could help me because this is starting to annoy me. Thank you for the quick reply. Regards Samuel (Jerry)
  4. The file ragemp_v.exe is not in my ragemp directory, so I can't launch ragemp. Can someone send me the link for downloading ragemp_v.exe?
  5. I tried to make a launcher for my server, I launched updater.exe. But how can I start the server right away?
  6. I had the problem like many other guys that GTA V was working by itself, but when in RageMP a server was selected, in the Launching Game part Rockstar Launcher was opened and after 2 3 sec RageMP and Rockstar was closed and nothing else happened !! no error, no crash, no message, just simply closed! Finally after trying many things like reinstall everything (even redownloaded 104 GB GTA V files!!!) I closed all open applications in background (like Razer App Engine, Razer Cortex, Google Sync, Inter Driver Updater and ,,,) then suddenly it worked and from that point I'm playing fine without any problem. Just wanted to share my solution, maybe works for others too.
  7. So i'm new to this, i downloaded ragemp from the website, did the setup and when i try to join a server it loads and then the same error pops up "Windows cannot find D:/New folder/Launcher/launcher.exe' make sure you typed the name correctly and try again." when i press "Ok" it also says "Unable to launch game, please verify your game data." Can somebody help?
  8. Hi, everybody. I have this problem, I'm trying to launch this Rage launcher, when I start the game (the Game is using a special launcher from Rockstar, not the Steam version), during initialization of Social Club, the game closes and the Rockstar launcher gives an error - "an unexpected error Occurred", what should I do at the moment ? Reinstalling GTA 5 and Rage doesn't help
  9. I'm developing launcher for RageMP server, it has to connect player to server automaticly, with clicking only one button in launcher This code: ragemp_v.exe "rage://v/connect?ip=" only starting default Rage launcher. Manual connect to server works. Clicking to connect button in masterlist (https://rage.mp/masterlist/) gives the same result. Is it troubles with my PC or developers deleted that feature? Thanks
  10. When I click on a server, a window appears, that says "ERROR: Your game version is not supported by RAGE Multiplayer. " but I have the newest version of GTA and the Rockstar Launcher. After I click ok, the whole RageMP launcher closes.
  11. Hello, is there any way to connect directly to the server with parameters, like: ragemp_v.exe "rage://v/connect?ip=" in a batch I tried several ways, but no success. Please help! Thanks! Powoli
  12. Hey there! I would like to ask, if there are arguments for the RageMP launcher which for example allow me to have a desktop shortcut that directly joins a server?
  13. Помогите, не запускается лаунчер, на старой версии работает, а на новой нет.
  14. Hmm... You can not read all the whining at the bottom, just tell me how to unlock my IP and run the game without VPN? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To begin with, I would like to say that you can download game files only through a proxy server. Initially, the launcher was fully loaded, but it did not start. To reinstall needed proxy. All the actions I performed with him and without him (many attempts) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A new day has come, and new problems have come ... Yesterday, for unknown reasons, when you launch the launcher, it immediately closed. Or rather: 1. I launch the launcher on behalf of the administrator. 2. An incomprehensible window opens for a millisecond and instantly closes. Test transfer, test transfer of a computer, test version with installed components, type Visual C ++, test installation on another disk, test overflow of GTA file integrity, test attempt to simply create another load folder - there was an error 403, tried to get the updater from a friend. exe ... Tried to even look for "video problem solving" and stuff like that. I did not find the same problem in it. I was looking for a solution to this problem, and everywhere they said that my IP was blocked. In this case, I have two questions: Why was my IP blocked? Why in this case, even with VPN, the launcher does not start (although it downloads files) If anyone helps, I will be grateful to the depths of the soul! Sometimes this window appears. Captcha is impossible to pass. \ Иногда появляется это окошко. Капчу пройти невозможно. If I follow the link, this window appears \ Если я перехожу по ссылке, появляется это окно And finally, I will say this: reinstalling Windows does not help (I did not know what the problem was then) 😂
  15. Hello developers/players! Some few days ago, I tried to make the RageMP launcher work without internet for LAN play. How? Well... I realized that the launcher connects to 'cdn.rage.mp/launcher' or something, so I opened that page in my browser and saw the source code. After that, I created a VERY simple launcher with inputs for ip and 'connect' button. Then I 'routed' the 'cdn.rage.mp...' to a local web server with the simple page, using a DNS server. Unfortunately, the launcher didn't loaded the page... I was wondering if it's possible to do it and how as a temporary solution, or if a offline launcher will be implemented soon. PS.: Any news about next release? :-)
  16. Hello again people. Last time I tried to run rage_mp.exe i got that "has stopped working" message, and I realized this happens when there's no internet connection. I just want to play in LAN, so is there any way to skip the updater and run the launcher?
  17. Добрый день! Столкнулся с проблемой. При запуске launcher.exe, мультиплеер не загружается полностью. Ставил 3ю версию hotfix, попробывал запустить с правами Администратора, но никак не получается(( Скрин: http://img.uz/d/2017/01/58806dc14ce4f.png
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