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Found 1 result

  1. Hmm... You can not read all the whining at the bottom, just tell me how to unlock my IP and run the game without VPN? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To begin with, I would like to say that you can download game files only through a proxy server. Initially, the launcher was fully loaded, but it did not start. To reinstall needed proxy. All the actions I performed with him and without him (many attempts) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A new day has come, and new problems have come ... Yesterday, for unknown reasons, when you launch the launcher, it immediately closed. Or rather: 1. I launch the launcher on behalf of the administrator. 2. An incomprehensible window opens for a millisecond and instantly closes. Test transfer, test transfer of a computer, test version with installed components, type Visual C ++, test installation on another disk, test overflow of GTA file integrity, test attempt to simply create another load folder - there was an error 403, tried to get the updater from a friend. exe ... Tried to even look for "video problem solving" and stuff like that. I did not find the same problem in it. I was looking for a solution to this problem, and everywhere they said that my IP was blocked. In this case, I have two questions: Why was my IP blocked? Why in this case, even with VPN, the launcher does not start (although it downloads files) If anyone helps, I will be grateful to the depths of the soul! Sometimes this window appears. Captcha is impossible to pass. \ Иногда появляется это окошко. Капчу пройти невозможно. If I follow the link, this window appears \ Если я перехожу по ссылке, появляется это окно And finally, I will say this: reinstalling Windows does not help (I did not know what the problem was then) 😂