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Found 4 results

  1. How to create a database and save a player's coordinates in it Hello. As a beginner I had lots of trouble finding a MySQL appropriate tutorial for beginners in development. I spent days learning how to create a basic table and save records in it. I decided to create this tutorial so that no one has to go throught what I went. This tutorial is divided in X parts. Feel free to jump ahead if you already to know how to do some. Index Downloading MySQL and MySQL Workbench Installing MySQL Driver Creating a database Connecting to the database and creating a t
  2. I'm trying to add a SQL Server Database to my RAGE server, using Entity Framework Core. I've created a resource and a separate project (in the same solution) for the database, getting to the following folder structure: and my Main.cs looks like this: using Database; using GTANetworkAPI; using System; namespace LoginRegister { public class Main : Script { [ServerEvent(Event.ResourceStart)] public void EventOnResourceStart() { try { using var context = new ServerDbContext(); } catch
  3. Version 1.1.0


    About this File I used this res to create my res: Shortcuts (Animations) on Numpad 1.0.0 Before first Startup: you import db.sql in your Database and change "Yourname" in the record or leave it. I used RPC in this example, install it. My node_modules are in the archive located. Do this on Login/Startup Serverside gm.mysql.handle.query("SELECT * FROM shortcuts WHERE name = ?", [player.name], function (err10,res10) { if (err10) console.log("Error in loadShortcuts: "+err10); if (res10.length > 0) { res10.forEach(function (shortcutDa
  4. Hey, ich bin ziemlich neu im C# Programmieren, belege derzeitig noch einen Video Kurs auf udemy.com und programmiere nebenbei kleinweise eine RP Resource. Ich stehe nun kurz davor das ganze mit einer Datenbank zu verbinden. Nun wollte ich fragen, ob es egal ist das ganze einfach nur via Mysql mit der Datenbank zu verbinden oder gibt es noch bessere Wege. Nebenbei wollte ich fragen, ob eine Verbindung mit der Datenbank alleine via C# möglich wäre und ob's empfehlenswert ist. Liebe Grüße, Jeff
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