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Found 5 results

  1. About us Our goal is to create a space where players can unleash their creative minds and build in accordance with their creativity, whether that be on the server or through our forum’s website. In addition to this, we intend to maintain a balance between forced realism and pure entertainment, ensuring that our players have an enjoyable, stress-free, hassle-free, and memorable role-playing experience that keeps them coming back for more. Our developers and management have emphasised for the whole map to be accessible so that it can be customised to fit any type of role-play intended as long as it stands within realism boundaries. With the help of our developers, we have enhanced the possibilities of role-play with the addition of cool features to expand the narrative for our players. It’s all about creating an environment where everyone can have fun and make the most of their GTA-5 role-playing experience. Server Features - The judicial system will be featured in-game with a dedicated court, where both judges, lawyers, and staff will be present. Through this, we can resolve in-game disputes and conflicts within the boundaries of the server itself. The aim is to do this swiftly and efficiently while having a strong emphasis on an entertaining atmosphere. Having this feature also increases role-play opportunities for those who wish to work in the court system. It adds further realism to the server as well as accountability and drama. Court cases can become a focal point for exciting and dramatic storylines within the game. High-stakes trials, legal battles, and unexpected twists can keep people invested in the narrative. - Unique property construction system, enabling customisation in an easy-to-understand way. In SARP, the way properties work is that each house is individually designed to match its exterior. This means that when you move in, all you have to do is purchase furniture and decorate your house according to your taste. Moreover, there's a convenient system that allows you to swap out walls with different types and add or remove walls as needed. The editor tool for making these changes is user-friendly and can be operated with the simple click of a mouse button. - In our vehicle system, your car starts with a 100% engine life, and if you get into an accident, it gradually decreases, and overtime, if it drops too low, you won't be able to start your engine again unless a mechanic comes to repair it for the moment. You'll need to drive to a garage for a full fix. Additionally, the more damage your car sustains, the slower it will move. It's a good idea to have insurance for your car to cover these situations. Do you want to start and run your own business or perhaps lease and manage one? Well, you can accomplish that reality with ease in SARP. We don't want or require you to spend hours on a complex and hassling application process. All you need to do is apply for it and if it fits your character's storyline then you will be permitted to do so, our plan is to build a transparent and efficient system so that a game can be treated as a game not as a real-life obligation. - Certainly, not everyone who participates in criminal roleplay wants to be associated with guns and drugs. We offer various alternative activities to set yourself apart. One option is “car chopping," where you can engage in a mini-game to pick the locks of cars (requires a lockpick). Afterward, you can drive the stolen vehicle to your location to disassemble it piece by piece, and as a result, you'll receive car parts in return. This along with individual scheme plans and racketeering will be featured within the server. Why SA-RP? - In our server, there is no "pay-to-win" system or shops, meaning that donating money won't give you an unfair advantage or provide you with powerful vehicles, weapons, or a stash of cash. We believe in maintaining a level playing field for all our players so that everyone has an equal and fair opportunity to enjoy the game. - Transparency is at the core of our approach. We actively listen to our community members and actively include them in our decision-making processes to ensure that the choices we make are in the best interests of our community as a whole. The more engaged a management is with a community, the more polished the server comes out to be. Your ideas, concerns, and recommendations are instrumental in guiding the future of our community. - In our server, all administrators are first and foremost players just like everyone else. This means that no administrator receives special protection or privileges, and they are expected to treat all players with respect. We maintain an even level playing field, where administrators follow the same rules and expectations as any other player, and they are not allowed to show disrespect to anyone within the community. Furthermore, if players ever come across a situation where they feel a staff member has broken the rules or acted improperly, they are welcome to report it to the management. This helps ensure that our community remains fair and just which helps in eliminating any issues or concerns that are to be addressed promptly and justly. - Our focus is on delivering an experience that prioritises role-playing over repetitive grinding. We're dedicated to providing a space where you can immerse yourself in rich and engaging storylines, character development, and interactions, rather than having to spend your time on endless, repetitive tasks.
  2. This survey is basically to gauge the interest in an era based text rp server. If you are wondering what an era based server is, its essentially one set in a different decade like the 70s, 80s, or 90s. If you are at all interested in a server like this I'd recommend doing the survey as it's only 6 questions and won't take more than 5 minutes of your time. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeBe4qybejM6tgx005WrwpJ4u6M5237lbNAh9GmRd7FA3dffw/viewform?usp=sf_link Also consider joining the discord to join in on discussions surrounding the concept. https://discord.gg/melonfyi
  3. Welcome to EternalRage - a new English community focused around mid-level Roleplay. EternalRage is a place for those new to Roleplay, and those experienced alike. The community is owned, and run by experienced developers and roleplayers who have a focus of creating a fair, unbiased community in which players can not only enjoy the scripts on offer, but also improve their Roleplay. EternalRage was born from the lack of a community with a fair, unbiased staff team - but also a community that wasn't “pay to win”, or overrun with Poor RP Quality. A lack of time spent actively developing servers, and no new upcoming servers, lead the creators of EternalRage to open their own community. With over 18 months of development on a scalable and efficient framework that allows us to rapidly introduce new content, the time is right to join! Script Jobs - EternalRage started with 8 Script jobs for civilians to undertake. These jobs are fully fleshed out with animations and uniforms with multiple steps to keep them as enjoyable as possible for as long as possible. Fisherman: Players can become a Fisherman at multiple Pier locations around the city, each with their own species of fish! Or a Fisherman on a boat - bring your friends and you can all fish together for the larger fish like Tuna. Why not try out Illegal poaching of turtles? Courier: Players can become a Courier, delivering packages for three different companies to houses around the map. Deliver for YouTool, GoPostal, or PostOp and be sent to Chumash, Paleto Bay, Sandy Shores, and Los Santos. Trucker: Want some time to yourself? Turn on your radio and listen to some tunes as you deliver inventory and help restock player-owned stores around the map. The Trucker job is for those who enjoy a solitary lifestyle that keeps the city moving. Money Transporter: Can you be trusted with thousands of dollars in cash? Then this job is for you. The ATMs need restocking, lots of players use them after all! Being a Money Transporter requires driving the Bank Truck from the Union Depository to ATMs around the city, grabbing the bag of cash from your truck, and depositing it into the ATM for other citizens to withdraw. Vineyard: Fancy spending your time up in the grape growing vineyard? This job involves travelling around the rows of grapes and picking them on your ATV. Take the grapes back to the drop-off point to get paid! Garbage Collector: Collecting Garbage is a dirty job, and is well paid! Complete with full animations and props it’s one of the most immersive script jobs on EternalRage! Just don’t forget to bring gloves... Fast Food Delivery: Zoom from customer to customer, delivering meals from your favourite restaurants in custom food delivery cars! You want a Pizza This? Bus Driver: Safely drive around the city from stop to stop dropping off passengers and picking up new ones. Each bus route has a unique coloured bus so you’re instantly recognisable! As a bus driver you’ll be visiting locations all over the city including Vinewood and Mirror Park! Gangs & Companies - Any player is able to create a Gang (illegal grouping of players), or a Company (legal grouping of players). Companies allow players to purchase script businesses, and houses to rent out, while Gang’s allow players to purchase Houses to use to store drugs, and warehouses. There is an in depth system for upgrading a Group to have more vault storage space for money, more members, and more group vehicles. Group vehicles can be shared by any member of the group with permissions. The permissions system allows you to create any number of roles for the members of your groups, and members can have multiple roles! Each role has its own permissions to allow or deny Group members from different aspects of the game. Group vehicles can be parked in the Parking Lots, and taken out by anyone with vehicle access! Businesses - Companies are able to purchase a number of different business types; Car Dealerships, Boat Dealerships, Nightclubs, General Stores, Gas Stations, Clothing Stores and Weapon Stores. Businesses have an in depth stock system, in which ordering stock means you have to wait for a Player doing the Trucker job to deliver your stock! Drugs - Drugs are one of the main aspects of criminal life, from making them, to selling them. EternalRage has a drug system based around 5 drugs; Meth, Heroin, Weed, LSD and Cocaine. Each drug has its own multi-item recipe and lab location to process it. These locations are hidden on the map until you find them! Drug labs can be shut down by the Police if found for a period of time, making them unusable to criminals. Drugs are sold to the numerous Drug Dealers around San Andreas - if you can find them! With each sale, your reputation with the dealer increases, and he’ll start to offer you weapons untraceable by the police… perfect for committing crime! Will you share the labs, or control them with your Gang? Furniture - EternalRage has a very in depth furniture customisation system that allows you to place furniture inside, and around your house. Almost all furniture items are usable! From couches that you can sit on with friends, to beds that you can… perform activities in with other people… Set up an area in your garden for a party - or redecorate your house exactly how you want it. Wardrobes and Drawers have inventory space, so you can store items in your furniture - put all your clothes into a wardrobe and you’ll be able to quick-change to any of your stored outfits, as long as you have the clothing! Police - With one of the most experienced Police forces in GTA Roleplay, you’ll be in safe hands. Detectives are able to track down criminals, observe them, and make the arrests. Patrol Officers are able to find illegally parked vehicles, send them to the impound, or get into chases with criminals! With a fleet of fully custom Police vehicles from the Ubermacht Police Rebla GTS, to the Ocelot Police Jugular, you’re spoiled for choice! EMS - Don’t fancy chasing criminals, but want to make a difference? EMS has you covered. With a hospital bed system, and full tracking of Medical Records, you can keep up to date on your patients and their needs, see their medical history, and take your roleplay to the next level. EMS have numerous divisions - from the Air Division, to specialist rescue division for those high speed vehicle extractions where a patient’s life hangs in the balance! Corrections - Keeping an eye on criminals and rehabilitating them is a hard job, suited for those who can keep cool under pressure. Corrections officers are tasked with keeping the prisoners in a routine - make sure they do their jobs, earn their commissary tokens, and don’t cause any trouble. But watch out, criminals have access to stashes that store inventories, so prisoners can stockpile materials and even craft weapons… Do you have what it takes? Multiple Character Slots - All players start out with 2 character slots, allowing you to undertake entirely different paths in your roleplay! You can donate to the community to gain up to a total of 5 Character Slots if you like! Economy - EternalRage prides itself on a fair, balanced economy. While you might earn a thousand dollars an hour, it doesn’t cost the Earth to buy basic necessities - in fact there’s even a Universal Basic Income system in which EVERYONE gets money every hour! No more will you have to grind endlessly just to afford food. With easily achievable vehicle pricing, you can be rolling around in no time - just don’t be surprised when you have to put in a little effort to buy a sports car! The economy is closely monitored, and tweaked on an ongoing basis from hundreds of thousands of economy logs, allowing us to plot graphs for all aspects of the economy. Voice & Radio System - Text RP is great, but it’s not for everyone. EternalRage uses RageMP’s built-in 3D voice for local voice, and a custom Radio implementation that allows unlimited players to join any of the 10,000 Radio Channels! Government Factions have their own encrypted frequencies that can only be joined while on Duty. Duty System - Your duty time is stored across server restarts and log outs, so you can finish off where you were immediately upon logging in. When you go off duty, you’re paid for exactly the amount of time you’re on duty - no need to wait around to hit an hourly payout! Parking Lots - Don’t want your car to be stolen by a reprobate with a lockpick? Park it in a parking lot! Parking lots are placed around the city, and despawn your vehicle until you’re ready to take it out again. Chopshops - Chopshops spawn every night all over the city, allowing you to steal vehicles and chop them for some easy cash - but be careful, vehicles have trackers. Take the wrong person’s vehicle, and you might get a little more than you bargained for! Accessibility - Customisable keybinds, even mouse binds, that you can use to make everything on the server easier from interactions with objectives to voice. EternalRage’s UI has also been translated (at least partially) into 28 Languages! We have open translator applications, and all translations are quality checked! Even though Text RP and Voice RP are only in English, it’s easier to use the UI in your native language. And so much more! We couldn’t possibly list EVERYTHING we have on the server, as this thread would be 4x as long. We regularly have Content Updates to fix bugs, and add new features. We’re active in communicating with the community, and taking their suggestions - we’ll even let you know when your suggestion is implemented! We have monthly community meetings in Discord, allowing us to give updates to the community with what we’re working on currently, and to easily get feedback and answer questions! RAGE:MP - Make sure that you have rage:mp downloaded, then open the server list and find ⭐ EternalRage.net | discord.gg/EternalRage | TEXT & VOICE RP ⭐, then click the connect button. Direct Connect - You can also connect to the server using direct connect by entering play.eternalrage.net:22005
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