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How to setup Typescript properly for Client-Side


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I searched for this problem a while but it seems like I´m the only one with this question.

I´m using Webstorm as IDE and Typescript as language on Server and Client-Side. On Client side I have the probblem that the Client doesnt find my modules because of the wrong require-paths. If i change the path to the path rage needs to have, my IDE throws errors on compilation.

For example my gamemode is named "script" and inside it I have the files "index.js" and "test.js". For rage I have to add the root folder to include the "test.js" from "index.js" with something like that: "require('./script/test')... If i do so my IDE cries because it wants the require like that: "require('./test')" .

I saw some Gamemodes that use just the relative path without the rootfolder prefix. How is this possible, this would be the perfect solution.

Is it possible to ignore the "/script" part in requires over the tsconfig.json file?

I hope you can help me 


Edit: I´m searching for a prettier way than just add a ts-ignore statement, if it exists

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