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Can someone link guides to learn programming ?


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Hey. I have some really good ideas for a roleplay server that i want to make. I want to run a rage mp server but i dont know what i need and which knowledges etc.

But i know that programming will be important so...


Can someone link me tutorials for what i will need that show me every thing i need for making a server ? :). I have a lot of time so i dont mind if it takes much time.

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to learn programming you need to know that it is like learning an Instrument .... it is realy hard, you will spend A LOT of time and you can learn new thing Everyday you will never know everything. At first you should learn some programming basics i personaly learnt this thing at my apprenticeship. 

When i first intruduce my self into programming i was about 8 years old and i can realy recommend you the programm Scratch. Im not realy sure if this is available in english but i think so. This will not directly teach you how to programm but it will show you a lot of basics like what is a loop what is a cycle and so on.

at one point you will think mhhh this is cool but i want to learn programming in this part you can start by intruducing yourself into a real language i started to learn pawn(SAMP) because a played it a lot with my brother and i wanted to make my own server a bit like you now ;). in this case i need to say you that pawn was not a OOP language and it was a lot easyer to learn. you could learn some html and javascript (jquery) because you WILL need it when you want to create an rage server and it is very simple to learn. i can recommend this youtube channel for you this playlist


this will be enough for the next months trust me :D


i realy want to send you best luck because i know it will be hard

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Thank you. Yeah i have nothing to do in real life, thats why i have so much time. I learned this year how to play violin very good. And the violin was my first instrument. It took me 3 months (i practiced 3 hours per day or something. I loved it).

I also know samp. I always wanted my own RP server there but never found tutorials for pawn.


Ps. i am from germany as swell hehe.

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