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Create variables at server start for every vehicle


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I want to create temporary variables on every vehicle at server start.

Id make use of it as temporary trunks or i dont know.

But i can not figure out, how to call the variables or even set it.

global.KocsiCsomagtartok = function()
  mp.vehicles.forEach((vehicleid=> {
    vid = vehicle.id;
    console.log(`Kocsi ideiglenes csomagtartok lekrealva ${vid}`);
mp.events.addCommand("kocsi", (player=> {
  let id = KozeliKocsi(player5);
  if(id == nullreturn player.pushChat("Nincs a közeledben!");
  player.call("csomagtarto", [id]);
  let matik = vehicle[id].getVariable('Material');
  let marik = vehicle[id].getVariable('Marihuana');
  player.pushChat(`Material: ${matik}`);
  player.pushChat(`Marihuana: ${marik}`);
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