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Hello, my name is Ian B. and I have a little problem, maybe someone can help me. 
I wrote a garage script but the Gargain script queries a model hash for example adder = "3078201489" is this ID how can I say Rage that this is an adder. 
The vehicle then Spawnt there is a script.

I thank you in advance to the helpers.
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Hello pyk1202,

in the wiki the hash of the adder is given in hexadecimal (0xB779A091). The commands for spawning vehicles use int or uint values. They are decimal, not hexadecimal. If you convert 0xB779A091 into the decimal system, you get 8078201489. Not sure if you were just tired, but this should be programming-basics.

NAPI.Vehicle.CreateVehicle(3078201489, new Vector3(2f, 3f, 4f), 0f, 0, 0); // Works 100%. Tested it like 3 Minutes ago.



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