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Problem Promise async


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hello, i need some help for my function, i make it returned a value under JSON.stringify but since it's an asynchronous function, it sends it to me with promise {result} so I can not use JSON.parse after.

If you have a solution to my problem, I do not mind

async getItemForPlayerMenu(id) {
        const playerItem = [];
        const data = await misc.query(`SELECT u.*, i.itemName, i.usable, i.itemcount FROM user_items u LEFT JOIN items i ON i.id = u.itemId WHERE u.charId = "${id}"`);
        for (const item of data) {
            if (item.charId !== id) continue;
            const v = {
                id: item.id,
                owner: item.charId,
                itemId: item.itemId,
                amount: item.amount,
                title: item.itemName,
                usable: item.usable,
                poids: item.itemcount
        return JSON.stringify(playerItem);
Promise {
  '[{"id":1,"owner":6,"itemId":1,"amount":10,"title":"Eau","usable":"Y","poids":1},{"id":2,"owner":6,"itemId":2,"amount":10,"title":"Sandwich","usable":"Y","poids":1}]' }



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