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How does it work ?? .setDecoration


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Hi, please tell me, I want to make a tattoo shop as I understand the key function here https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Player::setDecoration

I found all the tattoo collections https://github.com/root-cause/v-tattoos


I understand correctly? if you take a tattoo, then to install it on the Player you must specify in player.setDecoration (collection, overlay);

collection- is the name of the collection I take them from the name of the files on the github repository

overlay-  is a hash name as I understand it is different for each gender



This is a tattoo from the mpbeach_overlays collection.

    "LocalizedName""Tribal Hammerhead",


Now I need to install a tattoo on the male character player.setDecoration ('mpbeach_overlays', 'MP_Bea_M_Head_000');


I get an error Error Expected Number

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@LT.Steiner well, actually there are two methods for setDecoration. Both for client side and server side.

player.setDecoration(...); // Server-Side
player.localPlayer.setDecoration(...); // Client-Side

And ofc for C# too (function names are the same)

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I tried this code,

    "Name": "TAT_BB_030",
    "LocalizedName": "Vespucci Beauty",
    "HashNameMale": "MP_Bea_M_RArm_001",
    "HashNameFemale": "",
    "Zone": "ZONE_RIGHT_ARM",
    "ZoneID": 3,
    "Price": 7000
  /// This Script wont be accept!
public void SettingTattoo(Client player)
  /// It will accept in VS, but return me back error in game chat with this input /tattoo MP_Bea_M_RArm_001
public void SettingTattoo(Client player, Decoration decoration)

Would you mind to send me script Completely that you using for it?


someone needed it like me.

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You're passing a string (SetDecoration expects decoration hash, uint)

You should convert to hash using joaat in JS or GetHashKey in C#.

Look for an example here:


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