RageMP v CodeWalker problem

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Hello guys! Sorry if this is a dumb question or problem, I'm a newbie in mapping. So I spent almost a day for this in CodeWalker https://imgur.com/a/G5FKqrO

When I finished, generated everything, did an rpf file and load in to our server it looks like this https://imgur.com/a/WTkH7Xh

Yes, a real sh*t. Some object are not loaded(maybe, because I'm just copied from an exterior, but the walls, the ceiling is slipped, like my life(sad) 

What can I do with it?  

What I did
1. Used CodeWalker

2. Made ymap.xml with OpenIV

3. Moved into an .rpf file (.xml tranforms back to ymap)

4. Load in to RageMP 

5. Cry 

Btw. I can send these .ymap files if it's needed


Thank you guys! 

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