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object in array, and delete it after


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I have an array with an object, but i want to delete it from another command.

But its not working, due invalid function (destroy)

let mit = {
      x: player.position.x,
      y: player.position.y,
      z: player.position.z,
      ent: mp.objects.new(3469410940new mp.Vector3(player.position),
            rotation: new mp.Vector3(0,0,90),
            alpha: 255,
            dimension: player.dimension
    let igen = JSON.stringify(mit);
hulla.forEach((entityindex=> {
        if(player.IsInRange(entity.xentity.yentity.z10)) {
          result = true;
          player.pushChat(`törölve: (${index}${entity.ent}`);
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