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On 11/21/2019 at 9:53 AM, armany said:



I was wondering where I can find more Rage MP resources. There are not a lot of resources available here in the forum. Other MP have a lot of resources available wondering if there is another place to look for. 



Under the resources tab at the top of this site, or inside this section you’ve posted. You could also head over to Github and search ‘RAGEMP’ and lots of projects will pop up there too. Yes other MP mods probably do have more resources, if you are trying to find one that’ll get you a server instantly there isn’t anything like that out except some basic gamemodes like Gamgwars.

7 hours ago, Division said:

this forum lost activity since we are all waiting for the 1.0 release (so until 2022 OMEGALUL)

This forum has never had much activity since all the time not since 1.0 because people use Discord. OMEGALUL 1.0 isn’t coming for years xD!!

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