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Hy all!


I created an AdminCommands class and it have a few commands for admins, on the Main class i defined the class but it not load the commans.

I find solution this but it not implemend yet.


Forexample in AdminCommands class

        public void GetPosition(Client player)
            Vector3 PlayerPos = NAPI.Entity.GetEntityPosition(player);
            NAPI.Chat.SendChatMessageToPlayer(player, "X: " + PlayerPos.X + " Y: " + PlayerPos.Y + " Z: " + PlayerPos.Z);

 and the Main class


    public class Main : Script

        private static List<Vehicles> vehicle = new List<Vehicles>();
        private static List<Players> players = new List<Players>();
        private static AdminCommands admcmd = new AdminCommands(players, vehicle);

        public void OnResourceStart()



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Just extend from Script class and you won't need to instantiate your command class.

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