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Client side blips that get removed once the player arrives to it?


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When I tried using the server side blips it would still show up for everyone when they typed the command. I also tried making it so it gets removed once they arrive to the destination but it only worked if they typed the command at the destination.

What is the best way to make a blip for one player that will be removed once they arrive to it? Your help would be appreciated.

This is what I had, but I'm pretty sure it still shows the blip for everyone.

mp.events.addCommand("routeBlip", (player) => {
  let position = new mp.Vector3(37.563, 6379.244, 31.040);
  let blip = mp.blips.new(1, position);
  blip.routeFor(player, 1, 1);
  let pos = player.position
  let blipPos = mp.colshapes.newSphere(37.563, 6379.244, 31.040, 3);
    removeBlip(blip, blipPos, pos);

function removeBlip(blip, blipPos, pos) {
  if (blipPos.isPointWithin(pos)) {


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You should create a function outside the command firstly and do what you want in it, then call it inside your command so the function stays active till the player hits the colshape, your code only checks if the player has hit the colshape or not when the command is executed.

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