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Seeking developer! (not4free)


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My name is NaughtyNerd or Lars. Call me whatever you want.
I am from the Netherlands and I am 22 years old.

I have been playing MTA for quite time and I would like to step it up.
The big question is that I need a team.
I know how to organize, setting things up, website-related stuff etcetera..
Just not how to code!

I will keep it short for now, you can ask me all the questions you want or contact me through Discord later on.

The things I can offer:
Assistance with everything you need.
A hosting. ( Monthly bills ).
I do have a website forum license which is called Xenforo. It's a $160 dollar license. It's up to date till late 2020.
I am planning on buying some good addons for that aswell.

I know a server costs money and that i will have to invest.

Are you willing to help me? If so, what could you do for me?

Any questions, let me know! 

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