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Keep crashing after new update!


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I have had crashed several times
I have changed windows (win 10)
Everything was good until last update of GTAV (3.3 GB). After this update I had some crash like this but I have had crashed for 4 days! 
there is no trouble shooting for that.
I can start the main game  (online and offline).
I cant go to any of servers in Rage!

I have done these things
Deleted the server's folders
Verify GATV's folders
Reinstall Rage
Reinstall GTAV!

I open Rage and click on name of server, RockStar luncher will be open, when GATV is opening the HAS STOP WORKING will be show

I have to close GATV and Rage

I don't know what should I do! Before 3.3 GB update every thing was good but after this update ...

My driver's is the last update
My windows is the last update

Sorry about Grammer :)

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