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Get approx. players entity.speed()


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The title contains the question.

I want to create a trafipax via clientside, because i dont want to make the server tick every ms to get player speeds.

My code:

global.player = mp.players.local;
    if(player.getVariable("Trafipax") == true)
        let mypos = player.position;
        mp.players.forEachInStreamRange((p=> {
            let dist = mp.game.gameplay.getDistanceBetweenCoords(mypos.xmypos.ymypos.zp.position.xp.position.yp.position.ztrue);
            if(dist < 25)
                let vehicle = p.vehicle;
                let speed = vehicle.getSpeed();
                speed = Math.ceil(speed * (speed / 20) * 2);
                if(speed > player.getVariable("TrafipaxSeb"))
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