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Help Out a PC Noob


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To anyone willing to help,

I just purchased a PC a few days ago, specifically in hopes to join this community. I have downloaded Rage, launched into server [EN/US] [VOICE] ECLIPSE Roleplay. (I still have to take my quiz)

During the loading packages screen, I get stuck on 324/325, and the games crashes. Ive tried to research all this, and Ive found tons of answers, but since Im new to PC, Im having trouble understanding how to fix it. 

Anyone out there willing to help out? Been console gamer my whole life. Im lost as fuck. I have discord downloaded and a mic.


I cannot join the server and am stuck at "loading package list", how do I resolve it?
If you are unfortunate enough to have this problem, a known solution is to delete your ECLIPSE client resources from RAGE\client_resources\ and replace them with the latest version of ECLIPSE client resources. Having the updated files will not try to load the package list.

I found this from the Support Staff FAQ page but have no idea what it means

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