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RageMP RolePlay Questions


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Hey guys ! My english is very bad and I'm sorry. I have couple of questions and I need your help, please..


1 - Witch is the best way to add Citizens ( NPC ) in my server ?

2 - Witch is the best way to edit my map ( witch software ) ?

3 - Why when I try to edit somethin in my server ( Example - When I enter in 24/7 and there is " Bread for 2$ and water for 3$" and i wont to chenge it to " Apple for 5$ and Whiskey for 6$"), and after save the file and restart the server, there in that 24/7 shop - no any change..

4 - A download roleplay server and when I open the map there is some icons. How can I change their positions, name and maybe make dublicate of any icon to other postion ?

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