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Friend unable to launch the Rage Client


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We've tried everything, reinstalling GTA, reinstalling rockstar launcher, social club, reinstalling rage MP, deleting registry file to do proper clean uninstall of rage, running things as admin, not running things as admin, turning off windows defender, turning down UAC. There is no other antivirus software on the computer. Literally the millisecond you press the button to open rage, it immediately shuts down. We've tried installing it using the full .exe download from this site, and using the small one that downloads it for you. We're at our wits end unfortunately, a friend suggested that it might be due to some IP issues, that rage is refusing a connection, and that's why the client barely even boots up? He is in Scotland, can provide IP for you if necessary. We tried ruling that out by having him launch the game using his cellphones internet being tethered to his computer and that didn't work either.


He's had this issue for a very long time, he tried playing again yesterday and the issue persisted despite many rage updates having come and gone since he last played.

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