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Hello, I come to ask for help on Graphics DrawText because I am not able to display it on the screen. I took the sample code found on Wiki Rage and placed it inside: (server-files/client_packages/{myserver}/hud/time.js) as shown in the code below:

mp.events.add('render', () => {
    // Draw to screen.
    mp.game.graphics.drawText("Text at the top of the screen", [0.5, 0.005], { 
      font: 7, 
      color: [255, 255, 255, 185], 
      scale: [1.2, 1.2], 
      outline: true

    // Draw to world.
    mp.game.graphics.drawText("Text in the world", [-1234, 1337, 15], { 
      font: 7, 
      color: [255, 255, 255, 185], 
      scale: [1.2, 1.2], 
      outline: true,
      centre: true

That done, should the texts appear on my screen? Was there a command missing that makes them appear? Am I doing something wrong? I have already studied several codes from other users such as (Money API - rootcause) that uses DrawText but I was not successful in passing part of the code to my project.

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to help me.

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