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survival InfectionZ

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In InfectionZ, survivors need to survive the round. While zombies aim to infect remaining survivors.

The first person who spawns as a zombie is the Alpha Zombie. The Alpha Zombie has more health than your average zombie, it packs a meaner bite and cannot be headshot.

We are currently in our testing phase, please feel free to leave suggestions and report any bugs you may encounter in our discord. This will help us to continue developing InfectionZ.

For the testing phase, you will be given max level. On release, all stats will be reset. Enjoy! 🙂 


We currently offer 15 different maps:

Rooftop, Sawmill, Farmville, Mother Base, Helipads, Strip Club, Docks, Harbor, KORTZ, Maze, Fields, Under Construction, Bank, LSPD, Yacht









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5 hours ago, Escobar said:

do you have coronavirus???

I hope not!

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