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Freesource RageMP gamemode(s) for new-comers.


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Hello! If you're quite new to the RageMP API then you could possibly be overwhelmed with all the functions and class attributes that it might present you. Do not fear. The best way to learn is to mess around with the API until to get the desired outcome, or by asking. However, there are lack of free-source gamemodes which are newbie-friendly.

Thus, I present you the FuriousV organization.

It will be regularly updated with repositories and wiki pages which explains the API in a very elaborate manner and easy to understand. Each project has proper documentation to it so that each and every line is understood without breaking a sweat.



If you're more of a visual person and need a video guide then subscribe to my YouTube channel for RageMP C# tutorials as well.

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2 hours ago, MrPancakers said:

Glad to see something like this, little sad you left our open source group and decided to start your own.

When I'll make enough repos in the current organization that I've created then I'll migrate most of it to Project Union. Since I'm still a member in that organization as well. I just get limited time so I do this at my own pace

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