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Get Database info in CEF browser


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Hey all, Been struggling to for awhile on this. 


I'm building an ingame CEF browser that shows stats of a vehicle that are stored in a database table called "configvehicle". On the browser you can select the name of the vehicle on the left and the data will show on the right.


How can you call data into a CEF browser? It doesnt seem to like <?php ?> at all. I want to output the data in html format $output ' '; 



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10 minutes ago, $kylar said:

Use javascript and trigger a ExecuteJS from the clientside to interact with the CEF. Fetch the database values from the client-side and then pass those arguments in the CEF by (again) ExecuteJS


Much love dude thanks. I'll give that ago!


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On 2/20/2020 at 10:41 PM, MrWilson said:


Much love dude thanks. I'll give that ago!


A couple of the Rage community members are making a free source organization for easy to interpret the API.

Here's an example to use ExecuteJS() 


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