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Freezes for 10 seconds.


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I play gta 5 rp and I have such a problem (recently 4-5 days ago) every 7-10 minutes the game freezes for 10 seconds (in a single game there is no such thing) I do not know how to solve it,I reinstalled GTA 2 times,reinstalled rage mp 7 times,sometimes freezes disappear for 1 call,but after the next call they appear again.How to solve?The computer is normal.

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4 часа назад, Frezas сказал:

I have really the same issue here, but no one seems to care about it :(

Frezas I found out what the problem is,I don't know if it will help you or not,but I have it connected to the Internet,I noticed it,I started using VPN services and I stopped friezes.

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