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I'm really glad to join RageMP community. Today I wanna talk about Steering Wheel support. Officially there is no any support for such kind of devices. As client, I chose RageMP because of stable FPS and many different features which works great on the ingame servers. And I wish once I could see Steering Wheel support provided by RageMP itself. You can see people are creating drift or racing servers or RP/RPG servers where they implement different "jobs" like "BusDriver" or "TaxiDriver" and more. For example, SCS Studio sold over 5 million of Euro Truck sim copies. Of course, GTA V is not about truck simulating but "Truckdriver" is one of the famous "jobs" on RP/RPG servers. Many people are playing 3rd party multiplayer mods because they want to improve their GTA V game experience. I believe that your multiplayer modification will beat any other modifications and will inspire other players without any interest to GTA V itself to download your mod and try to play GTA V multiplayer with Steering Wheel support. This is another main possible advantage above GTA:O you can add.  You could implement a Steering Wheel support when GTA:O will never implement it

I'm using 360CE Emulator for my G920 Logitech Device to play on RageMP servers with this device. Works good but there is no ForceFeedback.  And here it is magic "Manual Transmission" mod. This is custom script modification which works on Scripthook and adds Steering Wheel support. I tried it in SignlePlayer and... I still can't belive that GTAV singleplayer can be SO GOOD with Manual Transmission mod. You have to try it! This feature really improved my experience and now I'm only desire that one day you will add Steering Wheel support for RageMP. I think this is possible because you can find ManualTransmission in opensource (github). This is clientside changes only. So there is no need to put this modification to servers.

Unfortunatelly, this modification is designed for Scripthook only. 


Thank you for your attention! 


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Hello, I too would be very interesting in seeing ManualTransmission implemented over here on RageMP. I have to say that I have tried this ManualTransmission support on FiveM's servers, which was just recently updated as of 2021, and it is outstanding on my Logitech G920! However, I still always prefer RageMP over FiveM for the stable FPS. Wheel support would be absolutely awesome considering the large car culture and different "jobs" like "BusDriver" or "TaxiDriver" in RageMP servers. 

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The Logitech Steering Wheel SDK is a C++ dll, which can theoretically be accessed through node.js with a library called 'ffi'(if I remember correctly).

For this to really work well RageMP would need to add new hooks to get game data.

We would want to know when the vehicle is impacted and what side the impact happened at.

It would also be cool to know things like what terrain the vehicle is driving on or if it is airborne as these can all be easily called with the SDK.

From there you could probably still use a controller emulation to input data into the game if there isn't another way to do it.

I would have no idea how to add something like this in Rage as I don't know how it interfaces with the game itself.  It's only a few things I think but they would likely need to be added and maintained moving forward by RageMP.

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