Networking failed to start - Only when binding IP Address

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When I add my ip address in conf.json, I get this error:

[INFO] Initializing networking...
[ERROR] Networking failed to start.  Terminating..

If I remove it, the server starts OK but no-one can't connect using my external IP address.



  "bind": "",
  "port": 22005,
  "maxplayers": 100,
  "name": "Testing Roleplay Server",
  "url": "no-url.com",
  "gamemode": "roleplay",
  "stream-distance": 500.0,
  "announce": true,
  "language": "en",
  "enable-nodejs": false,
  "csharp": true,
  "voice-chat": true,
  "voice-chat-sample-rate": 48000


Why is this happening?

I've enabled the 22005 and 22006 ports in my router and in Windows Firewall.

The ports are not used by any other apps.

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