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Issues with Frame Rates and Screen


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I am having issues with my picture quality, it looks zoomed in and grainy. also there are little scrolling tabs on the bottom and side of the screen, and the frame rate will start skipping, 

My boyfriend also has the game and his picture and frame rate are amazing, they look quite a bit different then mine. We do have two different computers, so I don't know if maybe there is a setting or something I need to do differently. if you have any ideas on how to fix this I would really appreciate it!

My computers Specs: HP Pavilion Windows 10, 2.5ghz processor, 16GB RAM and runs the GTX 1050 Nvidia. 

Thank You!

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The server you play on hasn't efficiently coded their scripts. They're probably running lots of things locally clientside causing you to drop frames. Considering your specs are around the bare minimum, you're going to see a bad impact compared to someone with a much better computer.

As for the scroll bars it's also to do with your servers UI, sounds like they have a CEF page but they aren't properly sizing it to your resolution (exactly the same as how browsers work) so therefore they're going to show. All issues mentioned are to do with the server you play on so you'll have to go talk to them about it.

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