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Problems from porting 0.3.7 to 1.1


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Problems from porting 0.3.7 to 1.1, not mentioned in any of the topics, with no idea of solving them (so far)

- Can't display money in the esc menu using 

mp.game.stats.statSetInt(mp.game.joaat('SP0_TOTAL_CASH'), amount, true);

- Holding F does not enter a passager seat when the driver seat is empty, it enters the driver instead

- When modifying any client-side resource and restart the server, the client crashes instead of re-downloading the resources (before it would just update)

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I discovered a new problem, a bigger one this time. I don't think it has to do with my gamemode, since the vehicles show up in the console (i've made a debug), but the client simply won't display them

This happens to all the vehicles in the game / map, even the new ones that i spawn


The only way of fixing this - restarting the client. If i do this, vehicles will appear for a short period of time (2 min) and then disappear again. 

It might be only my client, i haven't tried to reinstall the game yet. I will try with a friend to see if he can see them


Restarted the client, all the cars appear, including the spawned one1MQKTa8.jpg




but after some time they disappeared again and had to restart the client

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