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My suggestion about the browser window management


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1) I would like to be able to have some form of window/browser management.

Functions like: 

  • mp.browser.MoveToBack - To move a browser to the back.
  • mp.browser.BringToFront - To bring a browser to the front - so it is rended on top of all other browsers.
  • mp.isMainMenuActive - To see if the RAGE MP main menu (server browser) is aktive.

Those functions could be used to prevent buggy situations like this:



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3 hours ago, Xabi said:

Knowing that F1 shows that menu, you could capture easily this event and know when RAGE's CEF state.

I thought about that.

But it is possible that players join the server with the menu closed as well as with the menu opened. So i have to assume that the player doesn’t close the window before the client script started.

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